Tay-Sachs Disease

Family Health History What You Should Know

Family Health History: What You Should Know. Why Does Your Doctor Ask for It? All those questions about your relatives’ health conditions can seem like a bother, but they help her know…

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Dangers of Aspirin for Children - Memorial Hospital, Gulfport, MS

Welcome to Memorial Health and You. We know now never to give our children aspirin. But do you know why? With us today is Doctor Cathie Cupp, Memorial Pediatrician.Doctor Cupp why is…

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Are At-Home Genetic Tests Trustworthy? | Can We Trust It

Hi, I'm Molly. And I'm Gina. And this is Can We Trust It? Today, we're gonna figure out if we can trust at-home genetic tests. A lot of people, 2 million to be exact, are…

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