Spina Bifida

Saving Muriel | Johns Hopkins Center for Fetal Therapy

So, about 26 weeks into my pregnancy, Muriel had been very consistent. I would feel her kicking like clockwork. And over the course of the fourth of July week, started to slow quite…

By: Johns Hopkins Medicine
Ableism In The Vegan Community

Hey everyone! Today‚Äôs video is going to be about the rampant ableism that is in the vegan movement. Before I begin this video, I want to say that I am a non-disabled person who does…

By: A privileged vegan
Paraplegic L1 transferring from wheelchair to couch and back

Hey Everyone! This is Kristen with Living Able! Today I am going to show you how I transfer from my chair to the couch and back again. If my video is looking a little different I do…

By: Living Able