Peripheral Nerve Injuries

Saphenous and Sural Nerve Injury Following Laser How to Avoid

Saphenous Nerve and Sural nerve injuries are a potential complication of all endothermal treatments both endovenous laser and radiofrequency ablation. This presentation discusses this…

By: The Melbury Clinic and VeinCare Centre
Electrical Signal Therapy to Treat Nerve Pain

This is Dr. Silvester at the Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic, and I’m going to talk to you a little bit today about something that, for our neuropathy patients, has been a real game…

By: Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic
Dr. Francis Farhadi's Care Philosophy

My name's Francis Farhadi and I'm a surgeon scientist in the Department of Neurological Surgery. And I I work at the OSU Comprehensive Spine Center. I specialize in treating…

By: Ohio State Wexner Medical Center