Orthostatic Hypotension

Problems after Taking Supplements, GERD - Neil J

(Music) Hi, my name is Neil, and my story began at age 22, my last year in college. My buddy introduced me to supplements, and the supplements that I took with him basically induced…

By: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy
Lucia’s Patient Story | Diabetes Management

[TITLE CARD: Type 2 diabetes affects millions of us This is Lucia’s story] April 7th, 2014. I remember the day. I was definitely fearful and nervous. I knew there was diabetes in my…

By: Living with Type 2 Diabetes
Neurogenic shock

Neurogenic shock is a distributive type of shock resulting in low blood pressure, occasionally with a slowed heart rate, that is attributed to the disruption of the autonomic pathways…

By: Audiopedia