Night Eating Syndrome

8 Tips To Restore Your Metabolism After an Eating Disorder

Hello, everybody. It's Elisa here. So, in today's video I want to talk about how you can heal your metabolism after an eating disorder. Your metabolism is not damaged or broken…

By: Follow the Intuition
5 Shocking Bulimia Side Effects they NEVER told YOU

If you find yourself stuck in bulimia nervosa if you're just exhausted of the binging and purging cycle, of constant dieting, trying new things, making yourself throw up, over exercise…

By: Liza Kulimanova
What Is Sleep Eating Disorder? | Eating Disorders

Well, sleep eating is more or less what it sounds, it's eating that happens at or around the time of sleep. There are various types of sleep eating problems that can actually be…

By: Howcast