Multiple Myeloma

Myeloma & Me - John's Story

I guess I knew it could be coming because I knew that MGUS could be a prelude to that but it was still like being hit by a train really. I can remember it quite clearly, as you always…

By: Myeloma UK
A Big Month for Multiple Myeloma

Before November, there were seven FDA-approved medications to treat multiple myeloma. Now that November is over, there are 10. I'm Shelby Cullinan with your latest health news.…

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My White Blood Cell Count Is High, Is That Candida?

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. I've got a question here. "My white blood cell count is high.Is that Candida?" White blood cells are a big part of the circulatory…

By: Candida Crusher