School-Dysgraphia and dysortography: working with PRESTAMANO

Now, tell me again the actions we done to create the xmas puppets. Talk to me while I'm writing down. After I'll read it for you, so you can add something you forgot. At the…

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Ask an Autistic: Living Atypically - "Coming Out"

Hey everyone, I'm Amythest from Ask an Autistic and this is the second episode of Living Atypically. I haven't done one of these videos for a while but the idea is that, um,…

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Ask an Autistic #14 - What are Some Good Therapies for Autistic Children?

Hi, everyone, I'm Amythest and welcome to Ask An Autistic. ♫ I want a Renaissance, to shine a light, be the change we want, ♫ ♫ set things right, we've been waiting in the dark…

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