Congenital Heart Disease in Adults

Cardiac Caregiver - Mary Mullen, MD, PhD | Boston Children's Hospital

Morning. Good morning. How we doing? Good. Yeah? You had a good night? Yeah, you have a good night? I always wanted to be a doctor, and I always wanted to care for children who had…

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Shannon Cockrell and Morgan Humphreys-Tetralogy of Fallot

- When you were born, I waited for you to come back from the nursery, and you didn't come back. And, there's probably some of this I've never told you before but we waited…

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Plagiocephaly and its treatment | Boston Children’s Hospital

-Hi. I'm Dr. Mark Proctor, a pediatric neurosurgeon at Children's Hospital in Boston. And I'm here to talk to you today about plagiocephaly, also known as flat had syndrome.…

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