Anxiety (in general)

Wheat/Gluten and how it affects PTSD, Anxiety, Depression

Hey, everybody! Welcome to the live stream. This is Dr. Ruan. If we haven’t met before, my name is Dr. Cheng Ruan, I am a board certified internal medicine physician and practicing…

By: Dr. Cheng Ruan, MD
How Do I Reduce Anxiety? | How To Reduce Anxiety & Stress Naturally

How do I Reduce Anxiety? Many people have conditions called panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder, and some people with bipolar disorder may experience great anxiety during…

By: Anxiety Disorders
How to talk to your GP about your mental health | Find the Words

For lots of us, finding the words to ask for help can be a real struggle even when we're feeling well but if you're trying to open up about your mental health for the first…

By: Mind, the mental health charity