Zyclara: Dr. Albrecht

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Zyclara is a molecule called Imiquimod. It's formulated at a concentration of 3.75% which allows us to treat very effectively, a condition termed actinic keratoses. We commonly use the term pre-cancer for this condition.

It presents as red, scaly, somewhat sensitive spots that, in general terms, are skin cancer in the making. We have many modalities to treat this condition but Zyclara gives us the opportunity to treat what's called a field therapy. So there's a term called field cancerization. This just means that the entire surface of the skin can be effected by sub-clinical disease that you may not necessarily see on the surface.

As such, when we apply Zyclara to the field, we can get an added benefit in terms of treating lesions that aren't even present, but will be at some point in the future. The nice thing about Zyclara is that it gives a predictable response, it's easy to apply, we historically have used it in a packet called sachets which are individual use packets, but we now have pump form which gives a metered dose, again, which is uniform and easy to apply. In general, we will treat the condition with a once daily application for a two week duration, give a rest period of two weeks, and then do a second two week period. In my experience, this leads to very good results, good patient acceptance; there will be local skin reactions, but these are usually tolerated very well, and leading to good short and long term clearance.

Zyclara: Dr. Albrecht

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