Women Try Whoopi Goldberg’s Weed For Period Pain

By: Boldly

- I went into full panic mode, my hands clenched up, and I was in so much pain, I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Finally someone found me, they went to the hospital, and they said, you have period cramps, take Advil. (ambient music) - Hi, my name is Sam, and I have PMDD, which stands for premenstrual dysphoric disorder. - I'm Laura, and I have endometriosis. - Biggest symptoms that I suffer from the most are mood swings. I can go from zero to blackout angry in a second.

- Being in pain every day really takes a toll on you. - The most powerful change in public opinion in the past couple of years when it comes to cannabis has been children with seizures. Sadly, period pain is not that obvious of a problem. It's something that women suffer from usually alone and quietly. - If there is a product out there that can change that, then hell yeah I'm gonna try it. I'll try anything.

(upbeat music) (phone ringing) - [Voiceover] Whoopi, you're on the floor. - Hey, thank you so much for joining us today. First of all, we're just wondering what inspired you and Maya to create these products? - [Voiceover] My friend Rick, who ran High Times, and he was telling me about all of the people who had gotten into the marijuana space, and I said, is anybody doing anything in menstrual cramps? And he kinda went, (scoffs) no. And I went, really? He said, no, it's a niche market.

It's a niche market that has half the population. We're still doing this? It's kind of shocking. If a guy had these cramps, if a guy had this issue, there would be all kinds of shit out there for them. This was done in order to find a way to relieve cramps, so please try it, and if it works for you, tell a friend.

Women Try Whoopi Goldberg’s Weed For Period Pain

If it doesn't work for you, not to worry, we'll continue to try to create something that may. (upbeat music) - So I'm about to start using the Whoopi and Maya products. I'm not looking to get high, just looking for some sweet relief.

It's not doing anything yet. Still feel like my uterus is trying to murder me. I only truly wish that you could smell this through the camera, because the smell is so good. So I've had it on for a while now, and it feels amazing. It's hard to explain, it's like this warm heat all over my abdomen, which of course, when you have cramps is all you can hope for is a built-in heating pad. - Day two of using the products.

I took a tablespoon of the chocolate, and was PMSing pretty bad, and I went clothes shopping. On days where I usually just want to sit on my couch, eat ice cream and watch Titanic while I sob silently into a pillow, I bought crop tops. That feels like a victory to me. - I just finished the bath. Truly it was an amazing experience. All the bloated feeling and the pain just kind of melted away. It makes you hella comfortable, which is pretty much all you can ask for when you have a really bad period. - I use the Tincture today, just did a couple drops in my coffee.

Today was a little rough, I had one kind of outburst, but again, only one outburst, compared to what I can usually do, is pretty solid for me. These products allowed me to exist clearly while helping me maintain emotions that I do want to feel. - If you have endometriosis and you're struggling like I am every month, I would absolutely recommend that you try this.

I think many women would agree that they're willing to try almost anything to get the pain away. - [Voiceover] People believe that you're gonna scratch 'em up because you have PMS, why don't you believe that I'm also in pain? (ambient music).

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