Woman's Doctor: Dealing with flat feet symptoms

Author: WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore

Reporter: she has lived with flat feet all her life, but over the years, something as simple as the walk in the park caused unbearable pain. as i was walking, i could feel it and was reminded of pain in my ankle. Reporter: the Dr.

Says there's nothing wrong if you have flat feet. Let feet are only a problem if they become painful and there are two common reasons that happened. a tendon that runs along the inside of your ankle and attach it to a known here and helps support your arch. As that starts to tear and weaken, it can collapse and roll over. The other common thing is arthritis. Even joints across here can cause collapse through the arch of the foot. Reporter there are ways to treat these conditions, beginning with orthotics. to support the arch can provide a lot of relief.

Two modifications can help -- visit therapy can be helpful, particularly for patients with a tendon dysfunction. Anti-inflammatories and even a brief time of rest. Reporter: when the treatment no longer manage her function, she opted for surgery. i can walk better and faster. I'm not constantly reminded of the pain i had in my ankle. It is better.

Woman's Doctor: Dealing with flat feet symptoms

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