Woman Born With No Vagina Hopes To Have Children

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DEVAN MERCK: I know my life would be completely different if I didn’t have this surgery. Instead of having a fully functioning vagina, I have had a man-made vagina. COMM: Devan Merck was born with a rare medical condition called MRKH.

DEVAN MERCK: I was basically born without a vagina, a cervix. My uterus was a unicornuate uterus which is where it was, basically a little dud. It wasn’t completely formed. COMM: Since the diagnoses at just 12 years old, Devan has endured many difficult surgeries to lessen the pain and to build her a vagina. DEVAN MERCK: At the age of 13 I had a hysterectomy and then after that I had my reconstructive surgery. They had to basically make a vaginal opening for me so that I could have intercourse. COMM: One of Devan’s biggest supports has been best friend Megan, who also suffers from the condition. MEGAN: Hey! How are you? DEVAN MERCK: Good.

MEGAN: Devan and I met in December of 2009, we had surgery together at the same time. I could not have done this, at all, without you. DEVAN MERCK: You’re the only person that understands my situation. MEGAN: I think she handles everything with grace. You’re strong, you know? DEVAN MERCK: I don’t know, I get all emotional when I really think about it at all. COMM: Living with the condition made it hard for Devan to date when she was younger.

DEVAN MERCK: I was scared to open up. I was scared of what they were gonna do and say, because I do have scars and I don’t know if I feel different. And then some guys are, you know … When it came to sex, I couldn’t have sex. So it was difficult to have a boyfriend that was okay with that, definitely ended some relationships fairly quick. DEVAN MERCK: I did have one boyfriend after my surgery. He seemed accepting at first, but then we’d have our arguments and that’s when he would start calling me names, reminding me about my surgeries and how different I was. It hurt me, it hurt my feelings.

Woman Born With No Vagina Hopes To Have Children

COMM: Five years ago, she married her husband Trent. TRENT MERCK: She is beautiful. I mean, first time I saw her, you know, she walked up and I was stunned, you know. Devan is the most kind loving person that I have ever met. She is just amazing in all ways. DEVAN MERCK: He is just so, such a loving person. He is so good to me.

DEVAN MERCK: After all I have been through I never thought that I would find somebody like him. TRENT MERCK: I’m very proud of Devan, I mean, I know that this condition is really difficult emotionally. I’m just glad I’m here to support her. COMM: And now the couple are hoping to take their next steps together. DEVAN MERCK: We have been trying for about four years now to start a family. We were gonna adopt twice. And they just didn’t work out for different reasons and that’s okay. TRENT MERCK: We believe surrogacy to be the best option because adopting a child is just, it’s a hard process.

DEVAN MERCK: I had to deal with seeing my friends or family start their families, have babies and post all these pictures on Facebook and Instagram of how happy they were with their newborns and their belly pictures. I’m like, “Oh! I wish that could be me. I wish I could give my husband that.” And then seeing my husband hold my friends’ babies, and seeing how well he does with them and how happy he is, it’s just, it hurts sometimes that I couldn’t give that to him.

TRENT MERCK: I think she feels guilty about it, but she shouldn’t be. I don’t hold it against her ever. TRENT MERCK: No matter what. I still love her, you know? So… COMM: Today Devan is visiting a gynaecologist to find out whether she is able to harvest her own eggs and move forward with surrogacy. GINA SIMS: Coming to terms with your child not been able to get pregnant and carry her own child and accepting that was very difficult. It’s been such a long, tireless, rollercoaster ride. DEVAN MERCK: I am nervous about what the doctor will have to say.

GINA SIMS: We are gonna stay optimistic and I do believe that it’s gonna be successful, yeah. DEVAN MERCK: It is extremely important to me because I have wanted this for so long. It would mean everything to me to be a mother, everything in the world. NATHAN MORDEL: Hello! Nathan Mordel, nice to meet you. GINA SIMS: I’m Gina, how are you? NATHAN MORDEL: Hey! Nice to meet you. So, I know you would like to try to see the ovaries on the sonogram today, if possible. We’ll try to see that.

Okay? GINA SIMS: That would be amazing. That made me happy. DEVAN MERCK: I’m super excited. NATHAN MORDEL: Hold on, here we go.

Here is the ovary. You see? DEVAN MERCK: Yeah. NATHAN MORDEL: That’s the left ovary. Actually, let me increase that, we’ll see better on the screen. Here we go.

Here we go. Here is the other ovary. GINA SIMS: Yes. NATHAN MORDEL: Here is the other ovary. NATHAN MORDEL: Alright that’s it. Torture is over. GINA SIMS: That actually is the best news that I have had in a very long time.

GINA SIMS: It really is. DEVAN MERCK: Very good news. Thank you so much.

You have been wonderful. GINA SIMS: Yes. DEVAN MERCK: I appreciate it at all. NATAHN MORDEL: You’re welcome. Can I give you a hug? DEVAN MERCK: Yes.

DEVAN MERCK: He was able to find my ovaries. GINA SIMS: Both ovaries. DEVAN MERCK: Yeah, both ovaries. GINA SIMS: With no problem. GINA SIMS: And everything looked really good and healthy, that to me tells me you should be able to have your own. DEVAN MERCK: Yes mom. DEVAN MERCK: So hopefully the surrogacy stuff will work out.

NATHAN MORDEL: Her ovaries seemingly are normal, they produce eggs. So, whenever she is ready, they can retrieve those eggs, put in a test jar, put some semen in from her husband, create an embryo and will have a perfectly genetic offspring of themselves. Future is looking very positive. COMM: The couple hope that they would have their own biological baby by this time next year.

DEVAN MERCK: Right now we are trying to save up as much money as we can, so that we can afford the IVF and the surrogacy. I’m talking to a really good friend of mine that has offered to be our surrogate. My hopes for the future are to finally have a family, finally have a baby in my arms. I’m so ready.

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Woman Born With No Vagina Hopes To Have Children

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