Why Recommend MedCline™ for nighttime reflux patients - For Healthcare Professionals

By: MedCline™

If you treat patients with GERD or any other reflux related condition you know that nocturnal reflux can be really challenge. Particularly for patients with nocturnal breakthrough symptoms or who have PPI refractory GERD. If you've been recommending head of bed elevation or bed wedges for nocturnal reflux you probably already know that these methods are associated with limited symptom reduction and poor compliance, which is why I am happy to introduce you to a tool clinically proven to be more effective at treating nighttime GERD symptoms and is associated with better compliance. MedCline is an FDA Class 1 medical device that allows patients to sleep with the entire torso elevated at an optimal angle and on the left side, which as you probably already know, sleeping on your left side is more effective than sleep on your back or on your right side. Clinical trials have been performed using MedCline for Refractory Nocturnal GERD, Laryngopharyngeal or Silent Reflux, Gestational Acid Reflux and Patients Post-Esophagectomy.

The first MedCline study was performed by Don Castell compared MedCline head-to-head versus a bed wedge using impedance pH monitoring. This study showed that MedCline reduced nocturnal esophageal acid exposure by eighty-seven percent compared to a bed wedge. Our other clinical studies, which focus on symptom reduction and improvements in quality of life using validated questionnaires showed an average of 75 percent reduction nocturnal reflux symptoms.

One of the MedCline studies performed by the Cleveland Clinic actually showed a greater reduction nocturnal symptoms than previous studies evaluating the effectiveness of the PPI Dexilant. Cleveland Clinic also showed that MedCline had a ninety-one percent rate of compliance after three months of use. Our clinical studies prove that for nocturnal reflux there's nothing more effective than MedCline.

So, how can patients get MedCline? Patients can purchase MedCline from MedCline.com or through Amazon. If purchased from MedCline.com patients can use an FSA or HSA card for payment. Self-pay patients are not required to have a prescription and will also receive free shipping directly to their home. Another great thing about MedCline is that it comes with a 60-night relief guarantee. This means that your patient has a full two months to try out MedCline and if, for whatever reason, it's not working out they can return it and we even pay for the return shipping.

Why Recommend MedCline™ for nighttime reflux patients - For Healthcare Professionals

This ensures that you won't end up with a patient upset with you for recommending a product that they weren't happy with. If you have any other questions, please give us a call or email support@medcline.com. Thanks so much for watching.

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