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Is it too much information to say my breath absolutely reeks today and I'm so glad that this isn't a live show because you guys all would've left by now because I frickin' stink! Hey everyone, it's Katy and welcome back to my channel. So today I am going to be finally answering a question that a lot of guys have been asking me but I also get asked a lot in everyday life which is why I don't take any pain killers or prescription pain killers for my Chronic Pain. Yeah this is something that I have to explain a lot in my everyday life, I have to explain it to my consultants, my GPs because I am asked about this a lot. I thought today I would just chat about it, talk about the reasons why and just my views of pain medication generally. But I will just say before going any further, these are my own opinions. I am fully aware that a lot of people out there do take pain medication for their Chronic Pain. I would never judge someone for doing that.

I know that that is normally the avenue that things go down. I know that I am very much in the minority with my opinions and my decisions. Just because I have these own opinions doesn't mean that they're right or that yours are wrong. It's just how I feel. So this has been coming up quite a lot in my everyday life because I have been going back and forth to my GP to have, sort of like, general reviews.

More often than not, I don't see the same GP because it's just not really the way it works here in the UK - you just get an appointment with whoever you can and it can be really, really difficult to see the same GP - in my experience anyway! So I often see different GPs all the time and because of that they all ask me the same question which is 'what are you taking for your Fibro? Do you want anything for your Fibro? We can prescribe you this for your Fibro? Why aren't you taking anything?' and it's often that all of these questions in this review are completely revolving around medication. I don't feel like my reasons are why people are judging me, it's just the general decision to not take pain medication that I feel I am being judged for. And I have had to explain myself a lot over the years as to why I am not taking pain medication and the same reaction always comes from it which is people automatically thinking and saying that my pain is obviously less severe because I am not taking anything and if I was really in that much pain I would take something. I really don't like the way that people are now reacting to medication when it comes to my decision to not take it. A lot of people then assume or don't believe that I have pain at all or that my pain is less severe, that I clearly am not suffering like everybody else because if I was I would go down the same avenue as everyone else. People often forget that people deal with things in very different ways and just because I'm not dealing with something in the same way as the majority of people doesn't mean I am not suffering in the same way as the majority of people. It was never something that I took lightly, medication on the whole is something that I don't take lightly unless I absolutely have to take it - something like I have an infection and I need antibiotics, that I will just take. So when it is something like that, I don't have so much reservation about it but when it's something that's a little bit more blurred and it's like 'do I need this? Can I cope without it? Should I take this long-term or short-term? Is it addictive? Is this going to cause me side-effects?' I do tend to go round the houses with it! I think a lot about it and I'm making a lot of decisions in my head and going over things.

Even when I was prescribed Amitriptyline, I was prescribed it, got the prescription home, had the drugs in my hand and didn't actually start taking the for a bout 2 months even though I had them there. It was just because I was going back and forth with it, I was very scared and I was very nervous and you can already tell from that that taking any sort of drug is a big, big decision for me. And I know socially now people are prescribed things and they take it and it's not really seen as a big decision like it is in my head. But I've always had these views about any type of medication but when I was diagnosed with Chronic Pain with Fibromyalgia, I was adamant that I didn't want to go down the route of being prescribed something, it not working and me having to go onto something else and me having to go on something else or having a very, very strong drug and then having to be prescribed 3 other drugs on top of that to control the side-effects of that 1 drug.

Why I don't take Pain Meds | invisible i

This is often the the avenue that things go down and I just didn't want to do that. I don't judge people for doing that. I don't think it's a wrong decision like I said at the beginning of this video. It's just something that I always knew.

I didn't want to get caught up in that cycle. Even when I went to the Chronic Pain Management Clinic and I saw that loads of people were taking all of these different drugs like I didn't even know that you could take that many drugs all in one go! We had this big conversation about it and towards the end of the Clinic, I actually saw a lot of people turn away from medication because of what we discussed in the Chronic Pain Management Clinic. More often than not, when I was in the Clinic, a lot of people were prescribed 2 of the same medication or the same type of medication and people were questioning why they were on 2 different types of the same medication. For example there was one person there who was on two different types of antidepressant so she came off one and a lot of people were going back to their GPs and saying 'I don't want to be on this.

I am on this why should I be on this as well?' so that again sort of changed my views and validated my own views. I guess it is something that you haven't had that experience of being really spoken to in a really honest manner about medication it's quite difficult to understand but we were brutally honest in that session. People were saying 'this isn't going to work' and people were saying 'well, I am on this medication.' and then they were saying 'why are you on that? It's not going to help!' and it was weighing up the benefits of being on medication vs the side-effects and all of that kind of stuff. But ultimately there is this brutal, honest truth out there which a lot of people don't necessarily choose to ignore but I guess it's something that people don't want to accept which is that there isn't a cure out there for Chronic Pain and that is something that all of us with Chronic Pain have to come to terms with and that's often the hardest thing that we're probably in this for the long run - hence the reason why it's Chronic. But it can be very difficult to accept and I am very aware that there is nothing out there medically - a pill that you can pop - to magically take away all of your symptoms. A lot of the times with medication it is a trial and error kind of process and it's only very rarely that you find something that really works and a lot of the time if it does really work, it's not for the long-term. It's only for short-term relief because all of these drugs out there are for Acute Pain which is short-term when we have Chronic Pain which is long-term.

So the drugs that we're taking don't really match up with the condition that we have and I am very aware of that and I don't want to be stuck in that cycle of doing a trial and error kind of process. It's not something that I choose to do mainly because I am young and I feel like if I start at 20, I'm not going to come out of that cycle until I am like dead! I don't want to be spending my life constantly looking for a medication to take this all away or to help cause I know that it's probably not out there. Maybe I'm just pessimistic and if you have a very optimistic view of medication that can obviously determine how you view it and what you want to find. But I am quite pessimistic with medication and I think it doesn't really make a difference for me and because of that, I choose not to take it.

So I think that's probably about it and I will stop there because I can ramble on all day but I am very aware that these are my own opinions and I don't want to offend anybody or make anyone think 'oh god, Katy's not taking medication and therefore I shouldn't!' because this is my own body. You know, I have a tattoo and people don't like tattoos and it's sort of the same thing. People like taking medication, I don't. So let me know your views and opinions on medication, whether you've had good experiences with it or bad experiences or just what you think about taking pain medication for Chronic Pain vs Acute Pain. Let me know in the comments below! I hope you've had a really, really good day and I will see you soon - bye guys!.

Why I don't take Pain Meds | invisible i

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