Why Do Doctors Give Insulin to Diabetics Who Have Too Much?

By: Dr. Eric Berg DC

Hi guys. Doctor Berg here. Listen, I have a question for you, especially diabetics.

Why do doctors give insulin to diabetics who have too much in the first place? Okay, I'm talking about diabetics who are type two, not type one. The type two. Type two diabetics have too much insulin okay? So why would your doctor recommend more insulin? It doesn't make sense. Well, they're probably giving it to you because it's too high in the blood. Your sugar is too high and they're trying to bring it down, okay? Because insulin lowers blood sugar.

But my question is why? What causes this problem the in first place? And it's really insulin resistance. Okay, what happens when you have too much insulin? Your body rejects it by becoming resistive to that hormone. So if the cell is blocked, that means there's low insulin and glucose inside the cell triggering a communication back to the pancreas, telling the pancreas to make more insulin, okay? So the more insulin that you're given and the more insulin that the pancreas makes, the more the body resisted to insulin, okay? And so that's why it's high. So we have to realize that high sugar is late on the chain of events and the purpose of medicine is to manage diabetes, okay? That's what they're trying to do, manage it with drugs. But if we go earlier, it's an insulin resistant situation and the diet is not fully changed. In fact, the American Diabetic Association recommends up to 130 grams of carbohydrates every single day. And a lot of those carbohydrates in the form of grains.

That's the fiber, okay? Well guess what? That's going to turn into sugar and raise insulin even more. So really, the diet is never fully fixed. The insulin resistance is never fixed and the blood sugars are never fixed. So you have to stay on medication. Okay, so the next time you're with your doctor, I want you to ask them why are they giving you insulin if your insulin is already high in the first place? And see what they say. Alright. Thanks for watching. Hey, if you haven't already subscribed, press the button below and I will keep you in the know.

Why Do Doctors Give Insulin to Diabetics Who Have Too Much?

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