What To Expect From Ritalin Withdrawal

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Hi I’m Elora Murray and you’re watching the Miramar News Network. Today’s newscast is on what to expect from Ritalin withdrawal. Ritalin has a half-life of 3 to 4 hours but can remain in the body for up to 24 hours.Withdrawal symptoms can appear as soon as 3 to 4 hours after the drug’s effect's has worn off. Once the effect of Ritalin wears off, dopamine levels in the brain drop significantly. Common side effects of Ritalin withdrawal include: fatigue, depression and disturbed sleeping patterns.

Other symptoms include nausea, agitation and increased heart rate.Most people recover from the majority of Ritalin withdrawal symptoms about a month after quitting the drug.However, Ritalin withdrawal can last 3 to 4 weeks. In addition, Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms can occur as cravings for the drug months after you stop taking it. If you, or someone you love is having a hard time overcome a Ritalin- or other drug addiction- there are professionals, like those at Miramar, who are ready and willing to help you overcome the addiction and move on to a healthier and better life.

Once again, I’m Elora Murray and thanks for joining us at the Miramar News Network.

What To Expect From Ritalin Withdrawal

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