What is Tourettes Syndrome? [CC]

Author: TourettesWithPets

So, what is Tourettes Syndrome? It's a tic disorder, and tics are repetative body movements, typically, or noises you make. It's a neurological disorder. To have it, you must have 2 motor tics, which are physical moving tics and at least 1 vocal tic which is just making a noise. It's typically comorbid with ADHD, OCD, depression, um -excuse me- let's see, sleep disorders, and a whole lot more. They tend to wax and wane which means they get better and then they get worse and then they get better and then they get worse.

It is typically managed with medication and therapy. There is no cure for it. It's just something that we developed, well people with Tourettes developed. Stress definitely makes it worse. A lot worse. Like you're about to take a test? Now you're going to go and yell a bunch and flap my arms or whatever.

So that's kind of frustrating. You have to have symptoms for a year or more for it to be counted as Tourettes. Otherwise you have transient tic disorder. It often lessens with age, but um, for some people it doesn't, for most people it does lessen with age, for some people it just leaves completely with age. And then tic attacks are generally , last from about 10 minutes to a few hours. For me, mine last about 10 minutes to 20 minutes.

Luckily. But, that's where it looks kind of like convulsing or having a seizure, but really you're just having full body tics. Well, that's all I have today for you guys. Hope you like the video, if you did leave a like.

What is Tourettes Syndrome? [CC]

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