What is POTS?

By: Probably Alexandra

Hey everyone it's Alexandra and today we're gonna be talking about POTS POTS or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome is a type of dysautonomia that affects the blood flow throughout the body so when we stand up the body has to work harder to get the blood up from the extremities. The autonomic nervous system that regulates blood flow is affected in people with POTS. There are many diseases and genetic conditions that can affect the autonomic nervous system. When the autonomic nervous system isn't working properly it's called dysautonomia so a dysfunctional autonomic nervous system = dysautonomia and POTS is a type of dysautonomia. So there you go POTS causes an increase in heart rate when standing which can lead to lightheadedness, being dizzy, fatigue things like exercise intolerance for some people these symptoms are so severe that it really does interfere with their daily lives to a point where 40% of people with POTS are actually disabled.

So some of the most common symptoms of POTS are: fatigue, dizziness upon standing, brain fog, heart palpitations, headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, chest pains, shortness of breath, insomnia, sweating abnormalities, but the three most common symptoms are dizziness, fatigue, and brain fog. Yes. POTS is usually diagnosed through testing by a cardiologist, neurologist or a general practitioner the most common test is a tilt test the patient is strapped to a table that is tilted from a flat position to a standing one the heart rate and blood pressure changes are monitored for up to 10 minutes or more after standing a study found that people generally have to visit 5 to 8 doctors before receiving a correct diagnosis for POTS what? So how do you treat POTS well POTS is commonly treated with diet exercise and medications so let's start with the nutrition aspect of it the most important dietary like thing is hydration water is a must for people with POTS say it with me people you are a fish now if you have POTS congratulations you need to live in a fish tank studies have shown that being fully hydrated regulates and improves blood pressure which reduces POTS symptoms The general recommendation is 2 litres of water per day but that depends on your weight and whether or not you have kidney disease listen to your body and your doctor to determine what amount of water is right for you ya fishy speaking of diet salt intake should also be increased in people with POTS salt can increase blood pressure decreasing symptoms again people with kidney disease should check with their doctor if you can't get enough salt in your diet your doctor might give you salt pills and the coated salt pills cause less nausea than the regular salt tablets FYI.

A reason that people with POTS might have a worsening of symptoms right after a meal is because the blood flow um goes to the digestive system and it reduces the blood flow to other areas so yeah if you feel like crap after you eat this might be why I certainly do so I have to eat very small meals like throughout the day um another thing that can help with POTS is exercise but how do you exercise when you're too tired to literally do anything because exercises that you need to do or to increase blood flow not heart rate for example a recumbent bike has been shown to decrease POTS symptoms also the other good thing about the recumbent bike is that the position of it kind of relieves dizziness while you're exercising like with medications for example there's a long list of conventional medications and I will leave those in the link below in the description box for you guys and your doctor can kind of determine what's right for you if you prefer the more natural route a naturopath can always provide some safe treatments like homeopathy okay so what causes POTS so it could have many causes and it can either be primary or secondary the reason I'm looking in the corner of the screen so much is because I have my script or my document my paper right there I'm not going crazy it's just right there POTS can either be primary or secondary primary causes of POTS are usually neuropathy physical deconditioning and various viruses secondary causes of POTS are when another disease or condition causes the disease some examples of secondary causes include anemia, adrenal disorders, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and tumors Oh also Lyme disease oh that's all I wrote okay well um so I hope you guys learned something about POTS and if you live with POTS what are some things you do to kind of relieve the symptoms? let me know in the comments below thank you for watching this video and until next time stay comfy bye everyone.

What is POTS?

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