What is endometriosis and what are the symptoms?

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Endometriosis is a very common women's health condition where an inflammatory tissue which resembles the endometrium - the inside of the uterus - and hence it's name, endometriosis, is implanted outside the uterus, in the pelvis or even other tissues in the body. Thy symptoms of endometriosis include pelvic pain, which can mean very painful periods that cause a woman to miss work or school. It can also include pelvic pain during the middle of the month, near the time of ovulation. It can also include painful intercourse or even pain with bowel movements. Before a woman contemplates surgery for endometriosis, a thorough workup should be done to look for all causes of pelvic pain so that they can all be addressed.

No one agrees exactly on the cause of endometriosis, but is thought to be disorder of cell differentiation were certain cells DNA gets programmed to turn into endometriosis when a woman reaches puberty. Endometriosis is very common, depending on the population studied, anywhere from 10% to 50% or even more of women will have endometriosis. It's often suspected that when a woman has pain or fertility problems, but for a strict diagnosis, a laparoscopic surgery and biopsy is required.

The treatment options fall into 2 categories: medical and surgical. As far as medical therapy is concerned, many doctors use hormonal-suppressive therapy to suppress the endometriosis. The problem with this is is that it does not cure a woman, and many times there are side effects.

Surgery has a benefit of potentially curing a woman of her Captions by GetTranscribed.com.

What is endometriosis and what are the symptoms?

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