What Is Breast Cancer in Men? | Breast Cancer

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Hi, I'm Doctor Marisa Weiss, president and founder of breastcancer.org. I'm also a practicing oncologist, and mom, and also a breast cancer survivor. So I'm happy to share information with you today that could help protect your life against breast cancer. Breast Cancer can happen in women and in men. About one percent of all breast cancer cases happen in men. So let's say in one year they'll be about two hundred and forty new cases in women and about eighteen hundred new cases of breast cancer in men. Most men are unaware that they can get breast cancer.

It usually presents as a lump or a rash, or an area that is bleeding, maybe involving the nipple, or close to that area. It usually grows and the man is not really aware about it and doesn't really bring it to the attention to the doctor until it's of significant stage. So in general, breast cancer in men presents in later stages than breast cancer in women. But it's still very treatable.

So if you're a man and you notice a problem, or you're a woman and you notice a problem in the man in your life, um bring it up, talk about it, say you know it's probably nothing but breast cancer can happen in men, and it's important to check it out with your primary care physician. The treatment usually involves a mastectomy, removal of the breast tissue, and may involve other treatments like, radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy. It's usually a very treatable problem, but it's most easy to treat when it's detected early. So if you have a change in the breast and you're a man, just make sure you check it out, a lump, a rash, itching, bleeding, any kind of symptom like that, check it out, make sure you're okay, and work with your doctor to resolve any questions you might have.

What Is Breast Cancer in Men? | Breast Cancer

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