What Are Demodex Eyelash Mites? How Does Tea Tree Oil Help With Acne and Demodex?

Author: Eye Love, LLC

Lid scrubs like Cliradex have tea tree oil on it and tea tree oil is good for demodex which we talked about a little bit. Demodex, not today, but we have talked about it. Demodex is an eyelash mite. It lives in your eyelash follicles, the hair follicles and so we can see them by- we'll see their eggs on the eyelash margin so I've seen it maybe a lot of times.

It's really gross in cleaning. Lots of older patients have it so yep we see it a lot. And yeah, a little sneak peek into what's coming. I know it's been since June since we did have a soft launch but we have this in hint and this should be available tomorrow on Amazon. So that's our tea tree oil soap. If they go live look for another Facebook live because we're going to be giving you guys a little discount like we usually do.

And we get this soft launch in June and have some great feedback so we went to full production mode. Took a little longer than expected because this are actually handmade here in South Carolina we just met with the manufacturer slash person that makes them and she has a little soap boutique that does high end soaps deodorants and other things that we use and we asked her if she can make a tea tree oil one for us for our blepharitis. So, she's great, she knows a lot about cosmetics and beauty and this is a 5-ingredient, so far so Cliradex again got lots of unpronounceable ingredients and they have a tea tree oil it's very drying this one is still; it might dry some people but it is for the most part.

I use it for everything. I use it for my hair, my face I use it actually my shot in the shower full my full body; I think you guys have seen it on my video that I could repeat If you guys want me to. Um, What? You don't like it? But five ingredients: Organic green tea-great for anti-inflammation and it decreases just redness in general.

What Are Demodex Eyelash Mites? How Does Tea Tree Oil Help With Acne and Demodex?

Organic olive oil Organic coconut oil (again coconut oil are coming back into play) Shea butter Tea tree oil Yeah! So, some people will find that it is a little bit drying because tea tree oil can be drying so start out. You can start out once or twice a day and if you found out that you know it is just too drying for your skin just back it off a little bit, you know, use it every other day or something like that.

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