Weight Loss and Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Author: Cindy Stewart

Don't step on that. Why not? It'll make you cry. To see how losing weight can bring about unexpected benefits that'll surprise you.

Stay tuned. Losing weight can contribute to your health and happiness in unexpected ways. Besides the pain, discomfort and fatigue many of us have to contend with being overweight. Let's take a look at those 7 unexpected weight loss benefits: #1. You'll Save More Money and Earn More. When you're dealing with a fibro flare-up the last thing on your mind is going shopping and preparing a home-cooked meal. It's so easy to pop into your local fast-food restaurant and pick something up on the fly. Or, how about the habit of consoling yourself as you wolf down a pint of your favorite ice cream? Eating out on a regular basis can add up over time.

No matter what a value menu may lead you to believe the price for a piece of fruit is almost always cheaper. On the flip side weighing less can significantly improve the flow of cash into your bank account. A University of Florida study found that women who weighed 25 pounds more than average earned about 14 grand less a year than a normal-weight female employee. Yikes! That's a huge difference in the quality of the life that you could have for you and your family.

#2. You'll Recognize Faces Better. No more awkward moments when you're out in public trying to recall a person's name. Swedish researchers found that the ability to remember faces improves in overweight women as they shed pounds.

Weight Loss and Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms

The researchers speculate that the weight loss makes the brain better equipped to access stored information. This is great news for you the fibromyalgia survivor. A big part of dealing with your syndrome is the cognitive and emotional side of the illness. If memory and accessing those memories improves with weight loss you're more likely to see an improvement in your cognitive ability. #3.

You'll Be Happier. As you start to shed those unwanted pounds your self-image improves. When your self-esteem gets better you have more periods of time when you're content with yourself. Knowing that your weight loss is creating both physical and psychological changes for the better brings about a greater sense of happiness.

Researchers in the Netherlands found that those people who were overweight were significantly more likely to experience bouts of depression. And those people diagnosed with clinical depression were more likely to become overweight. The important factor to take away from this research is that your happiness is linked to both obesity and depression, two conditions that face many a fibromyalgia survivor.

#4. You'll Sleep Better. Excess weight is directly linked to sleep apnea, which is an interrupted breathing sleep disorder affecting over 18 million Americans according to the National Sleep Foundation. Your extra body fat particularly in the upper body impedes respiratory function. Not sleeping well sets you up for a vicious cycle since fibromyalgia survivors who are short on sleep tend to weigh more. According to a study conducted at Case Western Reserve University those of us who get less than 5 hours a night are more likely to be overweight.

#5. You'll See More Clearly. Obesity has been linked to cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Although the reason why obesity is associated with cataracts is unclear, being overweight does increase ocular pressure one of the key risk factors for glaucoma.

Having a weight problem also ups the odds for oxidative damage, which worsens your vision over time. All of these health conditions need not be added to your plate of fibro symptoms to deal with on a day-to-day basis. #6. Your Brain Will Stay Sharper. Having to deal with fibro fog on a regular basis? And are you overweight? There may be a link. Researchers have found that obese subjects experienced a 23% faster decline in their cognitive test scores than those who were normal weight.

Although the connection between obesity and cognitive decline is not entirely clear, it appears that poor cerebral blood flow resulting from heart disease may be a factor. And #7. Your Skin Will Look Healthier. According to a review in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology obesity is responsible for a whole host of unsightly and uncomfortable skin problems such as: changes in skin-barrier function, which protects against infection changes in sebum production, which can lead to pimples and blemishes, changes in collagen structure, which keeps skin supple and wound healing.

Being overweight also increases your risk of skin infections, psoriasis and excessive hair growth. Add all of these factors together and it's no wonder you don't feel good about yourself. Being overweight can have some real negative side effects making it that much more difficult to cope with all of your health related issues. If you're faced with having to contend with being overweight maybe it's time to consider changing your current habits to be more supportive of a healthier lifestyle. It's never too late to get started making those gradual changes that'll move you in the right direction. Wanting to learn more about those things that you could do to minimize your fibromyalgia symptoms? Then visit us at Treating-Fibromyalgia.com. Just click on the link in the description box below.

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Weight Loss and Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Don't step on that. Why not? It'll make you cry. To see how losing weight can bring about unexpected benefits that'll surprise you.Stay tuned. Losing weight can contribute…

By: Cindy Stewart