Watering Eyes, Digestive Issues, TMJ Problems - Lauren D-Part 1

Author: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy

(Music) Hi, my name is Lauren, and I have been working with Dr. Jaudy for five days. I was referred by my family chiropractor, who is great, and I have seen her since I was a child. I came to Dr.

Jaudy because I knew that my nervous system wasn't transitioning well from sympathetic to parasympathetic, and I had a lot of... I'd had a lot of problems in the past with digestion. I had no nerve function in my stomach for six years and I've worked with doctors to bring that functionality back, but it never really got to a point where I was stable and really functioning, so I was seeking additional help, and heard about him, and my biggest... One of my biggest symptoms was, whenever I would relax, my eyes would water, and not just a little bit. Like it looked like all the symptoms of crying really hard. Like my nose would get stuffy, and my eyes would just... It was like I was bawling, and so it was very difficult for me to relax in public because that happened every time, and I also was really tired, and I would have to just take care of myself, like really do... Eat really well, just do a lot of things to stay stable.

So I knew my body was not stable, and this just got worse and worse. This week with Dr. Jaudy, I've learned that my sympathetic nervous system has just been going full blast, and not... It has been locked into one mode, and not going into parasympathetic, and the eyes watering was a way that my body was trying to console itself, but not solving the problem, and when I saw Dr. Jaudy the first day, my eyes were just like pouring water out and through the week, through the different applications and working with him consistently, I still have the tendency to water, but they don't water. It's just like a couple of drops..

I still will get that, but the mechanism to allow my eyes to water has been repressed, and... It got this really big difference. Another big difference is for the last fifteen years, I've worn an appliance to bed every night to keep my jaw in a certain position because I had a jaw surgery that my body couldn't take well, and although the muscles around my jaw clench, and pull my jaw back, so I have to wear this retainer, called an appliance that allows my body to stabilize, and for the muscles to relax. And this week we've been working on discontinuing the use and lessening the use, and I still have this tendency, when I don't use it, for the muscles to all tighten, and today, during an application..

Watering Eyes, Digestive Issues, TMJ Problems - Lauren D-Part 1

This was pretty amazing: he did the application when I was feeling tension, and the tension was gone. So he's taught me ways to continue that type of application while I'm away, between treatments. And Dr. Jaudy diagnosed me with dysautonomia, which is an imbalance with your sympathetic/ parasympathetic, with your autonomic nervous system, not being able to regulate, and I was also diagnosed with TMJ, spastic organ, circulatory problems. I would have problems as well with stabilizing my heart rate. When I would stand up, my heart rate would beat much faster, 20 beats per minute, and it had a tendency to, like when I was working out, which I'm... I still have this. It's not working on it, to beat faster with activities, much faster than it should, and I've had five days of intensive treatment, and I have seen a big difference with my eyes watering, that has reduced tremendously, and now I feel hopeful about discontinuing wearing my appliance, and these are both..

I've seen lots of doctors... Asked lots of doctors about my eyes watering, and no one seems to really recognize it very much, as even an issue, and, or when they do, they kind of don't know what to say about it. I spent a lot of time at Stanford Hospital, working years ago when I had no nerve function in my stomach, and this is something that they would be... I'm sure would be difficult for them to recognize the connections between the jaw and the stomach and all of that. I think Dr. Jaudy is different than most doctors I've worked with because the way he has set up the program to be so much time with the patient and work on an intensive approach.

I feel like a lot of doctors you see, and then you come back, and see, you know, a week later, a couple weeks later, and you see them for a short amount of time, and it's definitely different, the treatments he does to inform the brain, and to help the brain create new pathways, and to... Create new ways of connecting neurologically, so having that kind of intensive treatment is what allows, I feel like what the body to make big changes in a week, and that I feel like he is a lot different than other doctors as well as just, he is recognizing how the whole system works together, and I've experienced, I mean, weird things, like my toes you know, my toes, I don't wear shoes that put any pressure on my toes, right, for the last couple of years, and not something that I've seen doctors about, and they go like, maybe we'll do an MRI, or it's like, really, I don't know. I mean, it's just weird..

To me it seems like it might be related to, I have all this the pain in my SI joint, or to my... It just feels like maybe that's related, but when I mentioned about the toes, he's like, Well, of course, because your relation to gravity is you feel like you're falling backwards, and you're unstable anytime your brain is unstable, then it shows up in your toes, so it's things like that, that really interesting that, you know, he looks at everything like you can pretty much address any issue that you've ever felt, and he'll look into it, and listen to you and talk and help you. (Music).

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Watering Eyes, Digestive Issues, TMJ Problems - Lauren D-Part 1

(Music) Hi, my name is Lauren, and I have been working with Dr. Jaudy for five days. I was referred by my family chiropractor, who is great, and I have seen her since I was a child.…

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