Vlog #2 | My Infant Son had a Febrile Seizure!!!

By: Purple Helmet

All right folks - this video is going to be a bit different from my usual videos you'll have noticed theres no intro or music... I'm not going to be cracking any jokes or any of that kind of nonsense... And if you subscribe to my videos based on the previous videos, I just ask you to bear with me for the duration of this one normal service will resume after this one. I just wanted to make this video to talk about a situation that I found myself in, about week ago and it was one of the most scary situations I've been in, in my life... I was petrified to be honest... Basically I've got two kids.

I've got a 16 year old daughter and a 19 month old son. And my 19 month old son he'd been ill for a couple of days - just a bug like toddlers get, you know, nothing too...too much to worry about... He'd been vomiting, diarrhea - the usual kind of stuff, but he was more or less okay, he was still playing, he was still his usual self, just a bit down... So, we got to Saturday a week ago, and I got up with him in the morning, and we were sitting watching cartoons and noticed he was a bit warm - not too warm, you know, nothing that you would be immediately worried about... But I just thought, you know, I'll sit him down on the floor, let him watch cartoons on his own in case it was me cuddling in to him that was making him too warm. So the next thing I know, I'm hearing this... Really terrifying noise like he was choking, a sort of raspy, really struggling for breath type noise and I dived down, as you do, started slapping his back - because I thought he was choking that's what it sounded like at first.

Very quickly I became aware that he wasn't choking at all, you know, there was no blue tinge round his lips and it was just different and his whole body was convulsing and starting to stiffen out and go straight his arms were twitching and his eyes were darting about... It just really sort of hit me there he was taking some sort of seizure, some sort of fit. Now seizures are quite commonplace, many people have epilepsy and suffer seizures and, you know, if you do get them regularly it's sort of run-of-the-mill - but when an infant takes one out of the blue..

Well especially if you haven't see them before - it's very, very frightening and easily one of the most scary experiences I've had in my life - and I'm nearly 40 years old, you know, I've seen a few things in my time, so to speak... This just really got me, you know, usually I'm quite calm, quite cool under pressure when things go wrong like that but, you know, I felt at the time certainly, I felt as if I was really... Panicking and of course seizures in infants, if they havn't had them before I mea, most of them are going to be completely harmless - they do have them and but you know they can also be an entity out of something darker going on so it's important to get him checked out so after what felt like 10 minutes of panic to me and it was always really maybe 60 seconds at most but it felt longer at the time because I was because of scale and I managed to get onto the emergency services and they look at it you know they talked me through everything department why was Hartman that he assured me that told me what was going to happen and it played out exactly you know as they said that would sort coming back to the seizure itself the seizure lasted maybe a minute a minute and a half after that he starts convulsing and he started passing out you know slapping into this and just slap in a way that's what I felt weak and I'd say dumb ski demon because it just failed to me as I things dying I was out he was just dying right in front of me there was nothing I could do and he slept penniless deep sleep and I thought I've seen Andy she's also deeply asleep assess it is completely dead to the world apart from techna medication or breath and it was just a shame you know i see'em is so small completely passed out and help us like that and of course as a p.m.

Vlog #2 | My Infant Son had a Febrile Seizure!!!

When there's nothing you can do as you know it does patty quite hard but the person on their forward she kept on the phone until the ambulance got there she was great and she told me that is completely normal that I've just going stand back make sure he's kept cool make sure he's not really talking anything you know get money saved and hit a comedy possession and just wait for him to wake up naturally you've got instinct tells you to start playing the week the muck well that's just natural I suppose that what I was told on the falling there it was just and come out that naturally in off your foursome and wake up you could short come make experience even more terrifying for them because it's going to be scary for them too but yeah not very pleasant at all so by the pain that I'm going Scott the others just may be able to 14 minutes after the seizure the it started common Rome you know we started we cannot very best to empty it can obtain a little but and an ambulance you know they've done the latest thing again more seizures was completely harmless but when it's an infant and it you know they take one reasonably of the blue like that you've gotta get them checked out so they just said really rate is going to the hospital and we went our way up the US and get all about an hour after they took the seizure it was more or less back to normal who's run number one play with the toys at the higher up the urn and you know it took me a lot longer to get back to normal than at that time i think but i wanted to me that's what I do you know because as I says I'm approaching 40 I've had a hand in reason one kept the young adulthood and I haven't seen us before and most people ask I haven't seen it before I laughs although it's common as far as the doctors are concerned that's only the cause of the sheer number to catch the EC as a spare you know yet outage parent they may never see that and I just wanting to get a lot already on it just talking about the experience because at the harness to you and you're completely unprepared is extremely late them so you know the rules to do's and don'ts I'm not a doctor so I can't talk from you know a medical point of view I'm not getting medical advice I'm just repeating what the medical professionals told me on there'd be so if i sell em fit in this a fast seizure get on their mail to see census stray away that's key you will get them moving after that you're going to see your score on those not really anything you can do and this is what the doctors told me that as nothing you can do it's more things that you shouldn't do things you should be doing for example when you're seeing them take and actual seizure when the convulsion get a natural instinct is to get out them and hold them and stop them convulsion you can actually hot them doing that you've just got to let them kardi oil to do and comment that i've seed just get making sure those maybe nothing laying around that they can hop themselves on make sure that area is clear all sort of standard stuff and once it came over that stage and the past though which is completely normal because it takes too much over the body you just put them on and i'll say that a comedy obsession and that's just in case you know the environment or something in the choke on that so it's more a case of you know what you don't do so don't respect them don't put anything and the most either the cess method process that you can choke on your plumbing you'll get in there don't do that they could beat down on your fingers and cause engineer the other you know is if the line on the side the tongues not going to go anywhere saw you know keep them most clear let them come out it naturally and keep talking to them as well this is what the lead in the phone kept repeating two mistresses just keep talking until we assure them because always passed out if stokke 88 and really starts coming round he's going to one he or something the murray onion or familiar comforting voice and but yeah the whole episode made lasted 15 minutes I feel is fr packed at the start because it was just completely out of the blue no chance to prepare doesn't know what I would see him and then yeah easily the most latent a bit of my adult life and I've seen a few things as I said but anyway I was woeful Don but I'm back there I suppose that's what blog post or four and my songs made a full recovery and these you know completely back to normal being as usual cheeky self but I just wanted to say to me that's very oh if only one person over there guess about you stroma and it's been worth it so I'll wrap up there if you want to do any further reading up about these seizures that called thing that is closed fee but I opened the UK and febrile and the US so it's a fairly or a febrile seizure and I'll put some information in the description but for now I say it will wrap up there and i'll catch you in the next one.

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