Vivir con Artritis: Tratamientos

By: Miss Leoncita

Well okay, my name is Lucía León and I come from Venezuela... Ugh... I don't know, I get all confused.

Living with arthritis. By Lucía León. Hello, my name is Lucía León and I represent Venezuela, I'm going to tell you about all the treatments that I've received throughout the 13 years that I've lived with juvenile arthritist.

These are the treatments that I have received, which does not mean that you should get them or force some who suffers from an autoimmune disease to take them. Go see a doctor, get yourself checked, do it for yourself, health issues are very delicate. I'm going to start with a medicine called Vioxx. I remember living in the United States and my mom took me to see a doctor.

These pills were a huge phenomenon, they were around $100 and came in a small vial that had five pills. I had to take one per week. I remember they REALLY eased my pain, but I stopped taking them because they were taken off the market and talking to my producer right now... It was because it had horrible side effects, they were terrible. So that was the first one, Vioxx. Then my mom took me to an acupuncture treatment, she's always been about "all things natural", namaste, and everything non-chemical. I remember it was an Asian guy who placed all the needles on my body. It was HORRIBLE, it hurt so much, I really dislike needles.

Vivir con Artritis: Tratamientos

Well, who likes needles, right? So, he would place all the needles on my body and then put a red light over me, that would heat up my body. I was so scared of an earthquake, that would make the lamp fall on me and the needles would all get inside of me. Okay! So! I remember going to a couple of sessions but it didn't really work on me, it had no effect.

I was not feeling better. I was not feeling worse either. But it wasn't something that I wanted to keep doing. It really wasn't. Looking for more options, when I moved to Valencia, Venezuela my mom took me to yet another alternative medicine treatment, which were vitamins serums, that were injected intravenously. I would receive the serum for about 2 hours, and they were simply vitamins that the doctor would mix according to the patient's medical needs.

They were personalized. I also remember being injected all over my body, with the same vitamins, but on specific areas. You won't even believe all the body parts that were injected. They injected my cranium, my neck, my tongue, my arms, my elbows, my fingers, even my vagina. That one actually hurt less than you might think, it might give you the creeps, but the vagina injection wasn't as painful as the one I got behind the knees, that area where you bend it, that one was horrible, SO HORRIBLE.

It's so hot in here! After that, I told my mom I wanted to stop that treatment, I hated the needles and I wasn't feeling well. That's when they finally took me to a rheumatologist, someone specialized in this autoimmune disease and I started taking Enbrel, that one was amazing, they were injections that I would put on myself, on my belly, and they were not painful, the needle was very small, and they were paid by the insurance, it was a liquid that came already mixed, I'd only have to put some alcohol on my skin and inject myself twice a week. I was on this med for a year, it was excellent, it's been one of the best, it reduced the swelling, eased the pain, but it got to a point where my body became drug resistant and my doctor recommended changing it, I wasn't completely well and there was still room to improve.

And so I switched to Humira, but I only took that for about two months, that one really felt like it was burning, those were also injections on the belly, but it didn't really help me. After that, finally came the one that has helped me feel the best, Mabthera, which is a chemotherapy treatment. The medicine comes in four vials mixed with a serum and is injected intravenously. It's a chemotherapy treatment and some cancer patients use it. You have to go to a hospital to take it, because you need supervision to receive it and you have to wait around 4 or 5 hours for the treatment to settle on your body. You have to go two weeks in a row to the hospital to receive the full treatment. They split it in two doses. I've received that treatment since 2006, I remember because it was the year I moved to Caracas.

Actually, I moved in January 2007, and while living there I was able to start my theater studies and I remember that I was fully able to do the body expressions, just like anybody else, some things were a little painful but I was definitely in my best shape ever since being diagnosed with arthritis. That was a great time for me! I was doing theater, I was living in Caracas, I was happy... I was happy and I didn't even know it! Just kidding, I totally knew it.

I used to take Mabthera once a year, in Caracas, at the Santa Sofía Clinic, it was also paid by the insurance because it is very expensive and not at all affordable. Unless you are a billionaire. It was really good, I received the treatment for a couple of years, but I stopped around 3 years ago because the side effects of all those chemical medicines are very strong.

In case you want to know more, I recommend Googling all the names... OH RIGHT! I'll leave the links below... (video producer mumbling in Spanish) To edit it in, got it.

I'll leave links below for more information on the treatments... (loud noise) Do I look good? Okay. I'll leave links below..

This is like doing choreography. And 1 and 2 and.. I'll leave links below that have information about the treatments I've mentioned, so you can ask your doctor about them. I'm currently taking two pain killers called Painfort and Zaldiar, this combination was prescribed by my rheumatologist of 10 years now, she's the greatest and I love her.

These are very strong pain killers and you can't buy them without a prescription. Remember to never self-medicate, don't buy them just because they work for me. These are very strong pills and you need to talk to your doctor before buying them. I like them because they relax me and ease the pain. They can get you a little dizzy but other than that, they work wonders.

I have chronic arthritis, I've lived with this disease for 13 years now. I've had up and downs, and until now, these pain killers have helped me, basically, survive. Next on the list, is a stem cells treatment.

It is the next treatment I'll receive. Probably within the next two weeks. You can also check out the link below for this.

Stem cells are a worldwide phenomenon. I believe it's going to be a good choice. I'll be sure to upload a video after the treatment to tell you how it went. Those are basically all the treatments I've received, at least the ones that I can remember. As I mentioned in another video, and I had forgotten to mention now, at the beginning of the disease I took a lot of asteroids, a lot of cortisone, but nowadays the advances in the medical field have allowed for that to not be the first choice for a treatment, or a choice at all.

Thank God for that. I mean, it gets you REALLY FAT! But in all seriousness, cortisone is more of a damage than a cure. If you know about someone who suffers from arthritis or another autoimmune disease, leave your comments below, tell me about treatments that have worked for you or them. My goal is to create a strong community and a support system between us. And also get ideas from one another. Thanks a lot for watching this video! I appreciate all constructive criticism! If you enjoyed this video please hit the Like button and also the Subscribe button... Which I don't really know where it is. I'm open to communications, you can leave your comments here on YouTube.

You can find me @missleoncita on Instagram, also the same handle on Twitter. Fun videos are coming soon! Funny sketches! Because I'm a theater actress and I need to express myself. THANK YOU! Thank you. :).

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