Vitamin D & Prostate Health

Author: Dr.James Meschino

Vitamin D & Prostate Health By Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND Hi, I am Dr. James Meschino. I want to talk to you today about Vitamin D and prostate health.

You know a lot of studies in recent years has shown that Vitamin D has an important role in protecting the male prostate gland both in terms of helping to reduce the likelihood of prostate enlargement and more importantly helping to reduce the likelihood that prostate cancer might develop. So how does Vitamin D influence the prostate gland? Well we know now that when Vitamin D affects prostate cells it slows down the rate at which the cells divide, that's useful because as men get older prostate cells divide faster. When they do the prostate gland enlarges and cause enlarged prostate problems but also with cells dividing too quickly they make more genetic mistakes. They can lead to mutations and cancer so by slowing down the rate of cell division, which Vitamin D does, the risk of cancer development is less.

The other thing is that Vitamin D encourages prostate cells when new cells are emerging from old cells, the cells are dividing, the new cells are forced to mature into beautiful adult cells under the influence of Vitamin D; and the more mature cell is the less likely it is to become a cancer cell. When you look at prostate cancer cells they look really immature, very undifferentiated as we said and then they lose the control mechanism they divide like crazy forming tumors and spreading throughout the body. So experimental evidence has shown that if you take prostate cancer cells and expose them to Vitamin D, it forces those cells to actually mature into more adult cells and the cell replication rate slows down Then you take the Vitamin D away and the cell regresses back into the more malignant state and it divides like crazy. So once we saw that experimentally and also animal studies supported that; that they donít have to use Vitamin D in cases where men already have existing prostate cancer and we've seen in a number of studies that Vitamin D has been shown to be able to help better manage the cancer by slowing down the rise in the PSA blood level which is you know objective evidence that Vitamin D is having an important effect. So just to protect your prostate, how much Vitamin D do you need? Well you need to make sure your blood level is above 85 NanoML per litre. After age forty you know this really becomes essential because that's when prostates tempts to start enlarging for a number of different reasons and also prostate cancers that you know, affects one in eight men and it's a second leading cause of cancer death. And so anything that can help to decrease the risk of prostate cancer is very important.

Now it takes more than Vitamin D to do that because other nutritional, lifestyle factors and supplementation that can be very useful but you know this is the kind of information all men should know about. The problem is that most medical doctors don't get this kind of training in medical school there in; they don't look a lot in nutrition and natural medicine clinical studies, has or doesn't get passed along to the everyday person. Even the prostate cancer society, you know in the month of November, which is prostate cancer awareness month; they often don't talk about the nutrition and supplementation factors to help protect the prostate gland. They talk about early detection which is vitally important but knowing what to do day-to-day to prevent prostate diseases is very important as well. So what Iíve done, Iíve put all the information together that you need to know in an eBook called ëíNatural Remedies for Prostate Enlargement (BPH), Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer Preventioníí. Every single man should download a copy of that book and read it through. It'll explain the died, the supplementation, lifestyle factors that influence the prostate gland to try to keep it healthy for your entire lifetime.

Vitamin D & Prostate Health

So download it now. Now youíll see my other research review papers, other teaching materials that Iíve developed, resources, downloads, videos, footage from my live professional seminars; all there to help you lead a long healthy functional life and so if you're looking for any information on health care wellness you'll know that from me you're going to get evidence-based information, youíll see the scientific references there. So you should make an ongoing reliable wellness and health resource for both you and your family.

Thanks so much for watching.

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