Vertigo and Upper Cervical Care

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Hi, I'm Doctor Robert Moore from Awesome Chiropractic, and today we're going to talk with you about vertigo. Vertigo is a problem a lot of people have with: dizziness, the room is spinning, some people are nauseous, some people are vomiting, there is ringing in the ears, there is a whole bunch of problems people are having with vertigo. Neither one of them is fun; it's not a good time for people. I myself have had vertigo as a result of a concussion, and I can tell you it's not a good time. So I want to talk with you today about vertigo and upper cervical chiropractic care.

What we provide in our office. There is several reasons people get vertigo, and one major reason in people under 50 years old is a head injury or whiplash. If you think about this. Your head is like carrying a bowling ball and in a whiplash or a head injury, you're throwing that bowling ball in every direction. So, that causes a lot of tension on the brainstem, on the neurology, on the brain and specifically the eighth cranial nerve, the vestibular cochlear apparatus.

Some people have vertigo as a sign of severe cold or illnesses. Aging is also a factor, and that goes with the otoliths and the canals in the ears. There is also ototoxic medications, there is medication that will aggravate your inner ear, and cause a lot of problems. And there is also people who have suffered strokes. They have problems with dizziness and nauseousness, and vomiting and a lot of aggravation. There is a condition called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, BPPV. That is a problem with the inner ear.

Now I want to talk with you about how upper cervical, specific upper cervical work will help people who suffer with vertigo. If you've had a car accident or whiplash, our specialty is the upper neck. We do a very gentle, a very specific adjustment to the upper neck, the upper cervical spine, to re-align the vertebra and allow the trauma the opportunity to heal. With the position, the malposition like this created by a whiplash or a head trauma: there is a lot of tension on the brain, on the spinal cord, the nerve roots and the blood flow to the head. We restore that balance, we restore balance to all areas of the body. The top three nerves in your neck are in charge of the health of your head. So, if you would like to have a healthy head, a healthy eighth cranial nerve which is in charge your sense of balance, then we want to make sure that those nerves are working good. So we work on the upper cervical spine to make sure those nerves are healthy and the blood flow to the head is healthy.

Vertigo and Upper Cervical Care

People live with severe colds and allergies. That is again an immune system, Your immune system is based by your brain stem, and a misalignment, a vertebral subluxation up in here will have a negative affect on your immune system and you will have a severe cold, severe illnesses for a long period of time, and that will cause a lot of aggravation. Aging, I'll tell you what, aging is a factor only if you don't take care of yourself. Aging is more a matter of how long have you been messed up? If you've had strokes, I've taken care of quite a few people who have had strokes.

The vertebral basilar artery in their head or their carotid arteries in the neck. We make sure that those arteries are working at the best of their ability, and that you have the proper amount of blood flow to the head, an that everything can be as healthy as possible inside your head. And then the medications, the toxicity that causes the otoliths and the inner ear canals to get all messed up, that's a whole other ball game. We do work with ear nose and throat specialists when people have a problem with the canals and they have otoliths and the crystals in the inner ears are all messed up. We do work with those people for the Dix-hallpike testing and the Epley maneuver to restore balance to the canals, the inner ear canals. Chiropractic, specific upper cervical chiropractic can make a big difference if you have vertigo. I'm Doctor Robert Moore, at Awesome Chiropractic.

You can visit us on the web at for more information. Better yet, call our office up, you can talk to me, you can talk to my staff. We will be more than willing to help you at 810-225-7246. Give us a call, all you have to lose is your pain.

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Vertigo and Upper Cervical Care

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