VEGANISM and HEALTH - part 1

By: Eternal Revolutionary Art and Veganism

Health. A big issue for lots of people. In these two videos we will try to explain how veganism is related to health and we will try to help you free yourselves from fear. Everything we mention comes only from our personal experience and from observing in the world. As we've come to believe, health is a result of many factors, but mostly of the quality of our thoughts and the balance of our spiritual and physical substance. The sad thing is that pharmaceutical industries don't know this or, more likely, don't want us to know it, because if we did, we would always be healthy and they wouldn't have “clients” and money.

So, what we have to do is take care of our thoughts and understand that we are pure energy. With these tools, we can succeed everything we want and live with euphoria (this is a huge issue for another series of videos we are going to release). However, it is extremely significant to know what we “feed” our bodies, too. Health wouldn't concern us if we didn't do so many stupid things which ensure that we will live an unhealthy life. One of these stupid things is animal eating.

We wouldn't worry about health that much, if we didn't eat corpses and “food” which aren't suitable for our bodies. But we do it and there are so many people who have health problems. This is a reasonable outcome since they eat completely unnatural food.

As you know, we are frugivores/herbivores and we should eat accordingly. Everything else we eat such as animals, animal products, processed food, fast food will cause big problems to us sometime. Our bodies cannot handle these kinds of “food” properly and the results are plenty of diseases. We can ascertain this easily by watching ourselves and the people around us. Some people are afraid to go vegan and change to a plant-based diet, because they have deficiencies in some nutrients. But they forget that the overwhelming majority of the diseases in the “developed” countries come from excesses; not deficiencies. Take a look around you.

VEGANISM and HEALTH - part 1

These people who eat animals and junk have obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, osteoporosis, etc. There are few people who have plant-based diets, but may also have these problems, only because they do not care about what they eat. They are gluttons and eat constantly fast food. But, our friends, be reasonable. You probably have never taken care of your health and when someone informs you about veganism you are afraid of diseases, deficiencies and a plant-based diet? Come eat dismembered bodies, brains, heads, eyes, hearts, breasts, asses, genitals, livers, intestines, pus in milk, honey which is bee's also eat every unnatural, dirty thing, like pizzas, chips, ice creams and you are afraid of a plant-based diet which is your natural diet? You are afraid of eating fruits, vegetables and legumes? Are you serious? You also probably believe that you need milk after ablactation and especially from other species in order to get calcium. Humans are the only species, who drink milk all their life.

We also turn other animals' milk to cheese, butter, yogurts, creams and put it in countless kinds of food. Are we really that foolish? We are mammals and all mammals drink milk only from their mother and only until ablactation. This is what gorillas, elephants, horses, bulls and rhinos do, who are some of the strongest animals. They are herbivores and mammals and they build strong bones by drinking just their mothers' milk and only until ablactation. They never have to drink milk again. That should happen with humans too, but, you see, there are many industries who want to be rich. How could they do that? By convincing us that we need so badly these “products”.

Why do you think that our grandparents have health problems with their bones since they drink milk and eat cheese all their lives? Have you ever considered that milk, cheese and generally eating animals are the causes? Is it a coincidence? It is funny and sad at the same time that we need to explain that milk from another species and after ablactation is entirely unnatural, unhealthy and stupid. You don't have to be a super genius to understand this. Unfortunately, we were also brainwashed... Another issue that many people are scared of is protein. Have you ever thought that every plant on Earth has protein? That it is nearly impossible not to get enough protein? That we should starve and live in very harsh conditions? That the real problem is getting too much protein and from the wrong “sources” – animals? That we can get exactly what we really need from plants? (Watch a next video about how strong vegans can be). In addition, ask yourselves: why are all the hospitals full of patients who are animal eaters if meat, fish, dairy and eggs are healthy? Why do many animal eaters need to take vitamins, pills, food supplements or medicines if what they eat is what they need? You speak about deficiencies in vegans, although animal eaters have both deficiencies and excesses.

We know many people who have health problems and take pills, because of animal eating. Think again who has real problems, vegans or animal eaters? You know the answer. Now let's talk about another worry of many people: taste and generally the feeling that something is good for us. Some of you may think you need certain kinds of food because of their taste, but you keep forgetting that lots of crappy, unnatural, industrialized things can be tasty, like chips. Do you need chips? No, they lead you to hospital. Soft drinks can be tasty. Do you need soft drinks? No, they lead you to hospital.

Candy sweets can be tasty. Do you need candy sweets? No, they lead you to hospital. Every junk food can be tasty.

Do you need junk food? No, it leads you to hospital. Alcoholic drinks can be tasty. Do you need alcoholic drinks? No, they lead you to hospital.

Many of you may like cigarettes, too. Do you need cigarettes? No, they lead you to hospital. Cigarettes have possibly nothing to do with taste, but they give you the feeling of being nice. Drugs can make you feel good as well. Do you need them? No, they lead you to hospital and to your graves.

All of the above can lead us to our graves. Do we need them? No. The big industries and companies of food, cigarettes, etc know that taste and the sense of feeling good can make us addicts. They can enslave us. They know that if something is tasty we will have strong difficulty in stopping the consumption, even if we are aware of the harm it causes to us.

Do you want to continue to pay these industries? Do you want to continue to pay those who hurt you? Do you want to continue to pay those who take advantage of you and the animals? We wish you don't. And remember that taste is a habit, our friends. It can change in less than a month. That happened to us. Maybe for others could take even less or maybe a little longer. Do you want to be slaves of taste? Slaves of taste often say that they don't want to leave small pleasures of life, like cheese and eggs. We agree up to some point.

We shouldn't leave pleasures, but cheese and eggs are not pleasures, our friends. They are horrible. If you see how they are made you will understand. For example, egg is the unfertilized ovum of a hen and is coming out of the same hole by which the hen is peeing and pooping. Where the hell is the pleasure in that? But the most important is that we use animals and take what doesn't belong to us. So, we say to you that we shouldn't leave pleasures, like the pleasure of not exploiting others, the pleasure of not being responsible for others' suffering, the pleasure of not participating in imprisonments and murders.

These are pleasures, our friends. These are the pleasures of the animals who live free. These are our pleasures because we don't hurt animals. These pleasures save lives, but cheese and eggs are taking lives away... And don't try to justify violent acts in order for you to feel pleasure.

If you justify the rape of a cow and the murder of her calf so that you can eat a piece of cheese and feel pleasure, then you justify the rapists and the child abusers for doing abominable things for their pleasure. Violence is never a pleasure, our friends. And, vegans, it is significant for you too not to be gluttons and slaves of taste. If you weren't slaves and ate more natural foods, most of you probably wouldn't take supplements. Each one of us should remember that we are spiritual beings and that we must stop being materialistic slaves. Being gluttons will never help us in anything, it will always drug us down...We aren't meant to eat constantly every junk food we can think of.

We need much less food to have energy and be strong. And eating animals will make us fall even lower. But of course, there might be people who smoke, drink alcohol, eat corpses and junk food and they never get sick, although others who might have the purest plant-based diet are weaker. That doesn't mean that the first ones have a healthy way of living and the second ones an unhealthy one. We shouldn't take these rare cases as examples.

It would be wiser to judge by the majority of the cases. There could be many things that might bring such results, like genetic and psychological problems. In our opinion, everything has to do with the way we think.

We observe that when we are happy and feel complete with what we do during the day, we feel amazing. We are strong, we can exercise better, we compose our music easier, we are more concentrated in what we do, we are even able to stay awake for 60 hours without feeling tired (that's actually what we did many times to finish this project)... When we are not happy, everything seems to be awful. We may have a little headache or be indisposed and try to deal with it with meditation. So, we try to make happiness a permanent state of our minds. We try to make serenity our habit. This way, we manage to solve many of our problems (We will explain further in the next video). Thus, if you ask us about supplements and vitamin B12 which is a chaotic matter, we say that we fix our problems with our minds.

We don't need drugs. But, we live in an artificial world and so we have to do unnatural things, too. We already wear clothes, brush our teeth, use technology, live in houses..

We don't suggest leaving all these amenities and live in the woods. We just suggest living a little bit more naturally and peacefully in this abominable world we've built. So, if we would inevitably need a supplement, why not take it? It would be just one vitamin which doesn't hurt animals; not 100 pills which are tested on animals and eventually harm us too, in order to fight the problems that animal eating caused us. What do you prefer doing? At least let's try to solve everything with our minds at first. With our energy. Inside you, you feel that with positive way of thinking you will live more happily.

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