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Welcome back to Project Health Live, sponsored by Penn State Hershey Heart and Vascular Institute. Now with me I have Mark Kozak [phonetic]. Thank you so much for joining me. Now we've heard a lot about heart attack. Can you tell me, what is the treatment for a heart attack? Well when a patient arrives at the hospital having a heart attack, time becomes very important. And in order to salvage as much of the heart as we can, we need to open the heart artery very quickly. And to place a stent in there to prevent the clot from reforming. We do that by going into an artery either in the groin area or in the wrist.

Now I'm not familiar, what is a stent? Well a stent is a little piece of metal, and I happened to have brought one here with me today. And it's a piece of metal that looks a little bit like the spring that provides scaffolding for the inside of the heart artery to prevent it from collapsing, and to prevent the clot from reforming. So that's actually placed inside of the artery itself? This would be placed inside of the artery. This is expanded, so this is an actual size expanded so that it would be collapsed when it's inserted to fit in easier. How fascinating. Thank you so much for bringing it with you today.

You're welcome.

Vascular Stents - Project Health Live - Penn State Hershey Medical Center

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