(Vaat Rog) Home Remedies For Musculoskeletal Disorders II वात रोग का घरेलु उपचार II

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Hello friends Myself Dr Bharti Chunnibhai Bhatt Today in this episode i will give you information on Vaat Rog Why does this happen, Types of Vaat rog and its normal treatment will share it with you. Let us understand first that why does Vaat rog occurs. In Ayurveda there are 80 types of Vaat Rog's are explained In Normal humans its understood as body stiffness or any normal type of vaat rog. But, its not like that. There can be many diseases under Vaat Rog Now, why does Vaat Rog happens, if your eating habits are not good. Or you drink very chilled drinks or liquids lack of sleep in the night Not eating regularly and when eating that also in the midnight. There are lot of reasons due to this the Vaat , Ptta, cough in our body which should be equal If the Air gets increased in it, as in empty stomach acidity happens don't do too much of fasting & those who eat less they can suffer from Vayu also.

If you will take care of all these things then there will be no affect of Vayu. Please notice that its been written in our Holy books that " Yam Madhye Naboktavyam Yam Madhye rasotpatih That means never eat food at 12 in the night As the body which is given by nature to us it generates juices if you will food after that the Vayu will be affected by Ptta If vayu got pitta that means increment of Vaat With the increment of Vaat in your body, it start getting moving from the place it got increased. Sometime you fart , sometime you do burping sometimes when it comes to head then you even have headache eyes pain & when sometimes its doesn't got to move and stuck in the stomach then you got stomach acidity Till the time its in your stomach till that time you will have pain in your stomach. Lets talk about diseases caused by vayu this was normal which we were talking Don't do such things which makes or increase Vayu Those who lives routine healthy life , they never suffer from Vaat Rog. Now, lets' understand that what all Vaat rog are there? Then Knee pains and paralysis Polio, Gout and entire body swelling Due to increment of Vayu there are 80 types of diseases which got occur. Now, if we talk about their treatment then it will be very lengthy. We will tell you normal treatment which you can do at home Since its prolonged illness where money and time get consumed. So, either you understand home remedies or Magnet Therapy.

With two of them you can treat your illness at home Generally there are 3 things who-helps to kill Musculoskeletal disorders. Give hot pad by hot water bottle Do hot water fermentation with hot water bottle to the affected area. Make sure you do it for 2-3 hours in a day, as in 5-10 mins won't give you relief. Now there are several methods of hot fermentation.

As we use hot water, can use brick used for home construction. Heat it and put some water on it. Cool it down from its top, cover it in any cloth and take its fermentation to the affected area for hours. Even villagers can take the treatment this way. So, this was the type of hot fermentation Second remedy is massage So, for massage you can use Mahanarayan oil Its available everywhere don't do harsh massage to the affected area Do massage with light hands with this the bad affects of Vayu will be reduced slowly.

(Vaat Rog) Home Remedies For Musculoskeletal Disorders  II वात रोग का घरेलु उपचार II

Third remedy is steam of hot water Now, every dr has its different methods for this remedy. You can take it from the modern equipments or with home procedures put hot water in water tub , add Rasanadi Churan, Arend Churan & neem leaves. When the water is boiling put the lid over it Till the time water is getting boil , take a chair with the hole and put it where no maximum air is passing. Make the patient sit on it and either cover it with blanket or with any hot and warm quilt along with the chair put a wet towel on his head put the hot water between the four legs of the chair and slolwy uncover the water the steam of this water will give effects to patietns body you have to do this process till the time patient began to sweat. So, this was normal and home remedies to be done on daily basis. With this slowly you will get results in Vaat rog Now, let us see the medicines to be taken You must take 1 Brihat Vaat Chinatamani Ras tablet three times in a day if you are suffering from constipation then take Triphla in overnight.

Normally along with this medicine you can take Keshav Googal , Dashang Googal but after consulting the Dr. Now, we have discuss about that what should a Vaat patient should eat or not First of all a Vaat rogi shouldn't walk in the night which promotes Pitta to Vayu Secondly the food of such patients should be something who kills the Vaat Rog Take simple and light food Don't eat rice either day or night Along with rice don't eat lentils and potato.A vaag rogi shouldn't eat such items who generates acidity. What to eat is Moong Daal Khichdi , Moong daal with chapati can be eaten. And as much as you will use garlic this will help in low down the Vaat rog You can control over Vaat rog by eating sauted some ginger and garlic in some oil or Clarified butter daily.

And those who eat this daily, they don't suffer from this problem Hence using garlic is equally necessary Now let us talk about that in Paralysis and other types of vaat rog how does magnet is beneficial. Now we will tell you the same remedy with which we have ruled out the paralysis. That if anyone in your neighbour, relation or near about you is suffering paralysis , arthritis Let me share what is Arthritis, A cysts occurs in our body joints and our hands become tough to get bend and fold Same happens with our foot, due to this you can't wear your shoes. So, arthritis can be ruled with the magnet.

Now, you must be thinking how ? Massaging with the big magnets in the paralysis. Either you have paralysis in hand or foot , in half body or full which is also called half paralysis. So either it is half or full body paralysis, so if you will massage with the magnet then you will definitely good results of magnet on your problem area. You can also control Vaat rog with magnetic water which slowly can be ruled out completely. So, in this episode we share information about Vaat rog don't let is happen & if happened then what are the home remedies & ayurvedic medicine to be taken So, this way we can control over 80 types of disease caused by Vayu (Air-Acidity) Stay happy & keep on be with us , this is what want from you.

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(Vaat Rog) Home Remedies For Musculoskeletal Disorders II वात रोग का घरेलु…

Hello friends Myself Dr Bharti Chunnibhai Bhatt Today in this episode i will give you information on Vaat Rog Why does this happen, Types of Vaat rog and its normal treatment will share…

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