Uses Of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly - Effect And Usage Of Petrolatum | What is Vaseline

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Effect and usage of petrolatum. Among various ways of use, it is effective when used after waste hair treatment. It prevents skin roughness, makes it moisturize and makes it smooth. Vaseline is made by refining extract from crude oil. Therefore, it is sometimes called "oil gel".

It is characterized by being transparent, odorless and luscious. It is worth noting that there are various effects on beauty and health, and sometimes we also give surprising results. Utilization and effect of petrolatum are very diverse, from troubleshooting measures of your skin to routine troubles such as door countermeasures that began to feel sluggish. Various usage of petrolatum. False eyelashes glue: If you apply petrolatum to false eyelashes, it can be used as a substitute for glue that you normally use.

Smoothly at your feet: To smooth the feet , first paint petrolatum, wear socks from above, and leave it as it is. You should be amazed by the effect! Extend eyelashes: Apply petrolatum to eyelashes before going to bed every night. If you continue, eyelashes will grow and the thickness will be up. Elbow to knee: By painting on the elbow, knee, it prevents dullness and dullness of color. The surface also becomes smooth and double effect. Cracked on the lip: After peeling the lips, apply the petrolatum, moisturize, give the luster. To peeling: When mixed with salt or sugar, it is a powerful side of the skin. To remove the nail cuticle: It helps to remove extra skin around the nails when using a manicure.

As a result, the surface is smooth and shiny. Gloss on the lips: Mix the petrolatum and chocolate melted pieces, cool it and wait until it becomes mucous. This completes the lip of chocolate flavor! As a massage oil: There is texture of oil, it is suitable for massage because the skin moistens after painting.

Uses Of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly - Effect And Usage Of Petrolatum | What is Vaseline

Dry skin on: Let it melt in some container and apply it to your skin. For make-up removal: Instead of using oils and creams, makeup removes easily using petrolatum. After waste hair treatment: Submerge the roughness of the skin after waste hair treatment, smooth delicate skin. To the finish of eyebrows: Petroleum jelly and keep shape. I will prevent irritated eyebrows. To prevent dandruff: By covering the neck with a shampoo before the shampoo, it will prevent the skin from peeling, it will also prevent itching. For the recovery of scars: Vaseline frequently used to recover scars after surgery. It promotes cell regeneration.

Moist cheek: When mixed with a lip liner, it is a cheek color finish that cheeks moist. To prevent rash by toxic ivy: If you apply it to the part that is rash, there is a healing action. To protect tattoos: Tattoos are scratches intentionally attached to the skin in a sense.

Conversely, applying Vaseline will encourage recovery of the wound and regain smooth skin. It is also effective for keeping the tattoo color further. When coloring the hair: By painting on the skin of the wrinkled portion of the neck, it prevents hair color from depositing on the skin. Gloss of leather goods: Apply to shoes and bags and glaze.

In a bottle of nail polish: By applying petrolatum to the mouth of the bottle of nail polish, it prevents the lid from sticking. Makeup dirt on clothes: Apply vaseline to the dirty part, then wash with water. On eye shadow: By mixing with shadows of various colors, you can make original color. In fact it is a commonly used method because it gives moist and lustrous.

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