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By: Dr. John Jain - Santa Monica Fertility

I'm Lauren Scott this is my husband Andrew and our almost two year old Shelby. Andrew and I have been together for eight years and we never were really concerned about having a kid until we got married. And I always knew because I was 30 when I met him that there was probably something going on that I had never gotten pregnant before even by accident. So then once we got together we didn't really care because we wanted to wait until after we got married, then once we got married we thought we should probably act on it pretty quickly and because by then I think I was 33. My hormone levels were good, you know so on paper we'd looked like I should get pregnant. Andrew didn't have any issues, his guys were good my tubes were good, we were just this what I think is just this ridiculous name of unexplained infertility, there's no better term for it.

They usually get pregnant within a couple of years on their own if they try to have sex at home. Because it's a numbers game, it's a percentage. We found out when we went through IVF. It just didn't make sense until we got into the lab. Like on paper my cycle was perfect, I twenty eggs, I had high hormone levels they were all mature, or most of them mature. They died in the lab so I only have up to three embryos out of 28 which is not normal.

And they didn't really look right. I wasn't nervous until the day after angratubal when I had an expectation of how many embryos I should have, I was like "oh this is awesome, I'm going to be able to bank some, maybe have a second shot. Maybe we could get a second kid." I mean I was planning on the future and my embryologist called me and he was like "I have not seen eggs like this before. I'm not really sure what's going on." And I was like okay. So if we got really lucky with Shelby, so it's good. I think it makes you feel I don't know be very thankful or fortunate that it ended up working out for us. We ended up trying a second time and it didn't work out and it just kind of reinforced how valuable Shelby is to us and not that we obviously didn't feel that way its just its almost like you look at here in a different light again and not that I thought that was possible. In just realizing how much of a miracle it was.

I think the tough thing today, in the media and the internet and scientific discoveries is that it creates a false sense of confidence, that we have an answer to everything and while they may have an answer, there may not be an explanation behind that answer. And that's something for someone getting into this process, you don't necessarily know that going in and that's the tough part. I think we were very fortunate with Shelby the first time around is that everything seemed to work so quickly and smoothly that it didn't allow us to really over think it or anything. Science can only do so much like it really, there's things that is just can't explain and that's where like the faith or kismid or whatever that is takes over the rest of it. Then when we went the second time I was kind of, like I was nervous but I was like "oh it worked so well" and then I made half the eggs, and only had one embryo and nine of them died and I was like "ugh" I was crushed, like I took a couple pity me days to stay home. I mean I'm better know but it's you know it's definitely now we'll maybe try one more time but you know now it's like "what can I do different?" and there's not a whole lot. I think acupuncture helps, I think it forces you to slow down.

Unexplained Infertility and IVF - A PBS My Future Baby | Santa Monica Fertility

I did notice a difference in my periods, like I actually noticed because I'm not a real touchy feely eastern medicine type of person by nature. And so I went into it not believing it and I actually did see physiological differences with myself. So that impressed me and if forced me to relax, for 45 minutes once or twice a week I would have to lie down and just be. And you know it forces yourself to slow down. I think I tried like some meditation, I kinda tried to say "pretend that you're not going through this" and just life the rest of your life.

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