Ulnar Nerve Glides

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Hey everybody it's Doctor Jo, and today I'm going to show you some ulnar nerve glides. So let's get started. Before we start if you haven't already make sure you click the subscribe button, and if you'd like notifications when all my videos come out, make sure you ring that Bell. So nerve glides also called nerve flossing is different than stretching the nerve. Nerves are very fragile vessels, so when you stretch them even when you glide them, sometimes it can over irritate it. So you have to be really really careful with these.

I always tell people just do one set of 10 repetitions, once a day. So don't, the more is not the better. If you overdo these, you will just flare up the nerves even more, so even though I'm going to show you a couple ways in this video, I really only recommend you either doing two or three of each one, or just doing one set one day and then come back and watch the video and then do the second one the second day because if you try to do all three of these, ten each, you might irritate that nerve. Especially if it's already irritated anyways. So the nerves especially the ulnar nerve can be trapped in the neck, it can be trapped at the elbow, and it can also be trapped at the wrist. So it's really important if you're feeling that nerve pain which runs along that ulnar nerve along the pinky area here, up here, you want to find out where it's coming from. So you can get a proper diagnosis. So with all that said, the first one is the Birdman and if you can do that you probably don't have a nerve issue.

So basically making the okay sign. This one I would almost say borderlines a stretch, so be very careful with it. You want your elbow bent you want to make an okay sign and you're just gonna turn back taking your pinky behind you. So you don't have to go over your face like me, but even right here because I'd have shoulder issues in the past, I can feel it going through my pinky.

So if you get here and you feel it just go to there. Don't push that nerve tingling, but if you can get a little bit further back each time without it being painful, then do that. But you really want to extend that wrist or bend it back as you come back, or the proper drinking position where your pinky goes back, but remember just ten of those. So the next one is going to be you're holding your arm straight down with your elbow straight. Your wrist is going to be flexed in and your fingers are going to be flexed in. So with this one again, some people might be feeling the nerve right here with that.

Ulnar Nerve Glides

So if you're feeling that, maybe you just do this one a couple times, but if you're not feeling that a whole lot, what you're gonna do is as you do the hand movement you're gonna side bend your head away. And what you're doing is you're just turning your your arm and your wrist out and back a little bit. So you're extending that arm back as you turn it out, and while you do that you're side bending and then coming back in.

So again if your nerve is really irritated, you're probably going to feel it through that pinky area. So if you're feeling it a lot, don't go back a lot just come in. Sorry that wasn't quite a side bend, but just side bend with your head. Go back twisting that arm outwards. So again only ten of these at a time don't overdo it. So the last one I'm going to show you is a little bit more interesting. It's kind of like the Birdman going back but you're just doing it almost I call it the carrying the tray. So what you're gonna do this time is you're gonna put your hand outwords, but you're gonna side bend your head towards that side.

So you're taking a little bit of slack off of that nerve so you're coming this way, and then you're still keeping your head side bend. You're gonna bend that elbow and then Bend back your wrist into extension with your hands flexed. So then you're holding a tray.

If you have ever done a restaurant work, which I haven't, I'm not coordinated enough for that, but then going back down and then coming back up. But see I'm keeping that side bend the whole time because I don't want to over stress that nerve. So I'm taking the slack off of it here and back down. So everything's straight fingers out bend that elbow, bend that wrist, keep those fingers straight. So once again ten repetitions one set. So don't try and do all three of these at one time or you really might over work that nerve, and then you're going to get that tingling sensation all day, maybe even into the night. So if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section. If you'd like to help support my channel, click on the link up here to find out how, and don't forget to subscribe by clicking down here.

And remember, be safe (only do 10), have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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