Tremors - Pat S

Author: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy

(Music) Hi, my name is Pat, and I've been coming to Dr. Jaudy for twelve treatments. I came in with a bad chin trembling and left arm that was unable to function with any great skill at all, and after a few treatments, I was noticing a difference, and its beginning to make a real difference in my life, and so now I'm at the end of 12 treatments, and I'm much steadier than I was.

My walking is steadier, I stand up straighter, and I have more confidence. I had a diagnosis of essential tremors. They also called it familial tremors. My dad had it, his mother had it, and I didn't want it to get any worse. My hand used to shake about like that, and now it will be hard to make it to show you, but its at least that much better, and usually better than that, but I'm usually not on camera. So, I'm very pleased with the outcome.

I'm going to continue to hope to get to an even steadier state, and my voice also has been shakier, and it is steadier now, also, and so that's a bonus I hadn't even thought about, and Dr. Jaudy works with brain function and neurological function and apparently, that's what works. Well, come see Dr.

Jaudy. If you have any questions, he'll look you over, check you out, and probably, if he can't help you, he'll tell you because that was what my first appointment was about, and he said if he couldn't help me, we wouldn't come back again. But he decided he could help me, and is helping me, so I bet he could help you too. Hi, my name is Shari and I just want to say that I've been coming down here to see Dr. Jaudy with my mom, and we are so pleased with the improvements that have happened during the course of her visits.

Tremors - Pat S

She was getting worse by the day. We were seeing it, steadily, just progressing, going down hill. We were very skeptical because we've never heard of this type of therapy, and after coming here for the 12 visits, it's just beyond belief. She's so much stronger and happier and feeling better, and more confident, and not afraid to eat in public. She was getting to the point where she was nervous about being in front of people. Mom had what they diagnosed as major tremors, but it wasn't Parkinson's. It was a tremor and just out of control. There would be times when she had picked up a bowl of salad, and the salad was on the floor by the time she picked it up and started to hand it to me so, you know, we'd just take it with a grain of salt.

We know we're getting older. We know we're going to have issues, and so we didn't really... We would just laugh.

The only thing I can say is once it was explained to us about the nerves in the brain, and then the electronics that go on in the brain, and how they were just out of control. Everything is working together. My mom is at least 50 percent better.

We have had friends and family comment, saying, Grandma is so much better, She walks stronger with her head high. It is so encouraging because we have another member of the family who's showing the same symptoms. So, we're really looking forward to sharing this with him because we'd feel that he will be coming in too, to catch it early, so that he won't have the issues that my mom has had. Number one, what makes Dr. Jaudy different was when mom came in to do the initial consultation, there was no pressure whatsoever, put on her to ever come back again. That has been one of the issues that when someone has been going to help, its you must come back, and really, almost it would never be cured. You're going to just keep coming in forever, so that wasn't there.

And the other thing was, we will try it for this length of time. If you don't see improvement, we won't talk again. You can go on your way. You're done. Because most of us have a money issue, and so we're thinking, okay, the doctor's just having us come back. This wasn't that way. Dr. Jaudy..

He's so kind, he is so kind to my mother, and it's so important to her at her age. This man is so gentle and kind, and happy to see you, and happy... He's so pleased when there's progress. It pleases him beyond what he's doing. It pleases him that you're doing so well. So, if you can, give it a shot, because I'm sure you've been told, there's nothing we can do for you. I'm sure you've been told that if you've been to a doctor who says, this is just it, you're getting old. Don't even buy into it anymore, because they are learning more and more and more about the brain.


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