Tremors, Headache, Anxiety - Trudi W

Author: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy

Hi, my names Trudy, and this is my third trip see Dr. Jaudy, and this trip I've had eight treatments and it's been amazing. I've gone from wanting to die to feeling great, and there's nothing like it. It's a blessing, but I had so many symptoms that a doctor back home couldn't do anything for me, and actually was making it worse but didn't know it was making it worse.

Added supplements and found out I had lead poisoning so we were just going on that premise that that's the direction we needed to go when it wasn't the problem at all. I was so blessed to get here because one of the problems I was having was that I wanted... I felt crazy.

I wanted to just scream. Frustration, acne, headaches, everyday I had a headache. My hands hurt. My hands and feet hurt so bad.

They were cold all the time. I just felt like I was on on the edge of the cliff, every moment of every day, and there was no joy. Trouble concentrating, started stuttering, my face was twitching, my eyes would flutter, my eyes would go back and forth in my head. I had no control over them. It made it difficult to drive, certain smells would set my head off. It was just bizarre. Nothing made sense, and when I came, I found out it didn't have anything to do with the fact that I had heavy metal or lead poisoning.

Tremors, Headache, Anxiety - Trudi W

It was all my middle brain, and the first day, just within the first 30 seconds of him working on me, made all the difference in the world... The facial twitches and the tremors with the eye twitching, that started about six to eight months ago, and I was trying to figure out what that was through the process of elimination. Certain smells would make my face twitch, and my arm would start to twitch and jump on it's own, and it would make the restless leg problem worse.

It also made it difficult for the driving, but also just going to work every day with the facial tics. It would only be this this side of my nose. A lot of times my husband would look at me and say, are you just happy to see me, you're winking at me. No.

I'm having a reaction to something. I don't know what it is. A lot of times it would be during cooking dinner, and I couldn't function. I'd get something started, and something is on the stove cooking. I couldn't function to finish it. They would have to step in and help me.

It was just frustrating. It affected... The twitching and the eye fluttering affected everything I did. Trying to read.

Read at work, trying to function at work, look socially acceptable. Not happening. Go to basketball games. Can't walk.

I start having problems with the leg and when my head would shut off and my face would twitch, then I couldn't do stairs. I couldn't do other activities at the same time so to walk and twitch didn't work. My body would just shut off, and so it affected everything I did, not just brushing your teeth.

I mean it was everything, every moment of every day. My dad was there and he thought I was having a gall bladder attack. No, it had nothing to do with that. It had to do with the mechanism, the part of my main middle brain that deals with your breathing, all those mechanisms that you take for granted because it was so over. My sympathetic nervous system was so on high 24 / 7, and it never shut down, it never went away, that caused the tremors, that caused the eye fluttering, that caused my restless legs, that caused the chest pain because it was so over powered that any little thing would set it off, and it actually was shutting off signals to my organs, which it shut off the signals to my diaphragm which, therefore, I could not breathe, because if your diaphram doesn't move, you don't move your lungs.

So, yeah, it's pretty important to exchange oxygen. It was so scary. I'm thinking I'm 40 years old, and I'm having a heart attack. What is the deal? I'm healthy. I think of myself as healthy, but not brain healthy. We eat organic, we don't eat any sugar, we eat really healthy, we cook healthy, all those things, and you think, what's wrong with this picture? But they're still stress, it was environmental stress, environmental chemical.

All those things played a role in my brain, and my frontal lobe was not connected with the rest of my brain, and therefore, I was just angry, I had absolutely no joy, and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't enjoy my kids, I couldn't enjoy anything. Even though I should be laughing, I felt like I a stone, and I had no personality, and I was just frustrated all the time. Frustrated, frustrated, and the more frustrated I got, the more I stuttered, the more off my brain got, and now, look at me.

It's been eight days, and I feel great, and it's possible. Nothing is impossible when it comes to Dr. Jaudy, absolutely nothing. He's amazing. The migraines that I was having were so debilitating. I had a headache everyday, but it was lack of the part of my brain that wasn't working, and that's why my hands and my feet are cold all the time.

He said I have no blood perfusion, so even though I'm breathing, but that part of my brain, because it's on the sympathetic nervous system, is overloaded, that it shunts all the blood to the center of your body, and no blood goes out to your extremities. So even though it's a hundred degrees out, my hands are ice cold, my feet are ice cold, and they hurt, and it hurts to walk, and it hurts to exercise, and do all those things, so you assume, I have this problem with this foot. It's not. It's because my brain wasn't getting blood. Therefore, since my brain wasn't getting blood, that's why I had the headache in the first place because my brain wasn't getting the blood flow to bathe my brain, and it only compounded the issue, but also my hands and my feet, that's why they hurt because they don't have the blood flow. So hormonal issues... I was trying to see a doctor back home and she had me on hormones, and different doses, and trying different things, and it just made it so much worse.

The acne, the horrible acne. To be forty and have acne, welted acne. I couldn't figure out what it was, and look at me, I don't have any on, and its eight days and they're gone. So many things: the restless legs is gone, basically, but I have ways to keep building on with my exercises, to make my brain to continue to heal, and it'll build on itself, even though I'm gone, and I'll only be here for two weeks, even though I'm not here getting treated, the things he's doing for me will build and continue to expand even though I'm not here, being treated. So that to me is huge, because it's like taking my own security blanket home, going, okay, even though I may have a setback, I know how to help myself, and to help reset that part of my brain, to make it work again, and that's huge.

You don't get that anywhere else. Here, take a pill. The doctor that I seeing... If you're low in this or low in that, or your blood shows this, then, take this pill, take this pill.

And all it did was, where my brain was over stimulated in the first place, in the middle brain, where my problem is, the more supplements I took, the worse it became, and my organs couldn't assimilate it, and all it did was irritate it even more so, it just pushed me over the edge even further, so when I stopped taking taking all those supplements before I came, he said stop taking everything. It was like a reprieve. I noticed a big, huge difference in my headache. I mean I still had all the symptoms, but they weren't where I wanted to slit my throat, and was able to get me here, but I definitely had my moments of not wanting to wake up the next day, or have those suicidal thoughts, and that's part of also going along with the frontal lobe he said wasn't working or wasn't connected, so that was part of my brain issue. It wasn't just that I was miserable or that I was frustrated, it's actually a function of my brain that wasn't working, and so that helps take away some of the guilt that you feel thinking, oh my gosh, I'm this horrible person. Why would I have those thoughts. It's actually my brain not working, that's why I was having those thoughts, and he was able to fix it, and that's so amazing. What makes Dr.

Jaudy different than other doctors is his expertise in the brain function... By watching your function, by watching how your body works, what symptoms are hapenning, he can foresee what what is going wrong with your brain, different eye exercises and things that he does, he could pinpoint the part in your brain that's not working, and very quickly, and do something for you that day versus, oh come back next week. Well, let me know if this gets worse and then, maybe we'll do something. He's able to get to the heart of the problem, rather than treat the symptoms.

All these little symptoms... He treats the problem, the focus of the problem, and then all those other little peripheral things start to go away because he goes straight to the core. People think, well, but my toe hurts, or my ears are bothering me.

That's not really the problem, and he's able to change the pathways of how your brain works. He was talking about the apertures of every nerve cell and how they all talk together... It's such a complex science, it's mind-boggling, and I enjoy listening to him. He's so generous with his knowledge and trying to teach me how to heal myself, or help me to train my brain, and it's so easy.

It's not something I could do my own... It's not difficult things that he's asking you to do, and I'm so thirsty for the knowledge that there's no way I'd say no, and as long as I do everything he tells me, I can't imagine not wanting to feel better, but in this short amount of time it's been amazing how compounding it is, and its compounds onto the previous times I've been here, so this is my third trip, but I haven't lost any of the knowledge or the things that he's done for my brain in the past. It just builds on those other issues that he's already fixed or changed pathways for, so it's definitely not like I need to start from scratch every time. It just builds, because my brain doesn't forget those things. It just keeps going and going. And he said that's why I'm recovering so much easier this time from a totally different issue, because those pathways are still there.

It's a permanent thing. It doesn't go away. Like going to regular chiropractor, then twenty minutes later, after you've ridden in the car and you've sat the wrong way. Now you go back to the chiropractor because you say, that just didn't stay there. Well, it's totally different, and it stays there. It doesn't go away. It's kind of like your little gift that keeps on giving. Definitely.

And thank God, because I live in Washington State. It's thousand miles for me to come to see him, but I would not, not come to see him. I don't trust anybody else with my brain. Nobody else can do what he can do.

It's so fun to see the other people in the waiting room who are dragging their legs behind their walkers, and within a week, picking their feet up, and walking without any aid at all No walker, no cane , and walking down the hallway. That is not supposed to happen. I've been told that it's impossible, and I've seen it time and time again, each time I come, there's a new case where I'm... It's jaw-dropping to watch these people, and they're just as amazed and shocked because they've been told for the last fifteen years, that it's impossible. It will never happen. You're only going to get worse. You'll never get better, and to watch these people walk, is just, wow! Tell somebody who wants to come, who thinks they only have a week, or it's no big deal, I'll see my doctor when I get home. You're so wrong.

This is like... Even if he can only see you once instead of 10 times. Once in a lifetime is so much more than you're going to get anywhere else, and life altering for you, that the way he can remap and open pathways and change how your brain is working and it's permanent. So if you've had a head injury, if you've had surgery, if you've been diagnosed with Parkinson's or tremors. He said the facial tremors and the leg issue on my right side that I was having, he said will only continue to get worse. There is no getting better, unless we stop it and we fix it, and he did that.

That's not supposed to be able to happen. Oh here, take this pill, you know the doctors back home, we'll look into that. Maybe there's some kind of exercise or something, but they all kind of roll their eyes, well you're on that path. Well, it doesn't look good.

We'll see. Maybe you have 15 years. I don't want to be going downhill. I'd rather be enjoying my life, not looking down at my toes, and not being able to live. And I don't have the tremors, I don't have the facial tics, I don't have all those issues in a matter of days.

Well, the first day. If you're thinking of coming to see Dr. Jaudy, just come, it's painless, and you'll be so grateful and feel so blessed all the rest of your life, and you won't be able to keep your mouth shut.

You'll have to tell somebody else that you love or care about, and bring them because that's how how priceless the gift is of coming to see him.

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