Tratamiento De Acupuntura Para La Tinnitus | Acupuncture Treatment For Tinnitus

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Hello, welcome. The tinnitus is a disease that is not effectively by Western medicine. The acupuncture, on the other hand, has shown that have some success in curing as in improving tinnitus. Tinnitus: The tinnitus is characterized by ringing ears. This varies in the way which is perceived by the patient in terms volume and tone. Theory: According to the theory of Chinese medicine, Tinnitus can result from disease excess or deficiency.

Systems usually involved organs and meridians are the liver and gallbladder, or kidneys. Condition of excess: Points are used to reduce the acidity liver, and to carry qi or the energy down and away from the ear 2 liver, gallbladder 20 and gallbladder 43. If signs of phlegm, points to reduce including: stomach 9 40 and spleen. Deficiency condition: The acupuncture points are selected They focus on strengthening the kidneys, as kidney 3 kidney 23 and 4. If you have ren insomnia, can also add the kidney 7 and spleen six. Local and distal points: The gallbladder 2 and the triple heater 17 and 21 are the points that are in ear and are used for many types of ear problems. The triple burner 5 and 6 are examples of distal points are used to benefit the ear. For more information visit the link which is in the description.

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Tratamiento De Acupuntura Para La Tinnitus | Acupuncture Treatment For Tinnitus

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