Towson Chiropractor's Shoulder Pain Solution Dr. Blake Kalkstein

By: Adolph & Kalkstein Chiropractic

Hi everybody, it's Doctor Blake from Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein chiropractic, team chiropractor for the Baltimore Orioles, and today we have Christina in our office. She's complaining of some right rib pain that wraps behind her right shoulder blade. So we're gonna examine her and see if we can help her out. Christina, go and face me. Turn your head as far as you can to the left. And now turn your head as far as you can to the right. Does any of those motions bother you? No.

Okay, bring your head back for me. Does that bother you? No. Let's go back again, and over in this corner does that bother you? No. Does that bother you? No. Bring your chin down to your chest. Does that bother you? Yes. If we take you over in the corner like this, does that bother you? Not as bad.

Okay, same thing over here, does that bother you? No. So that's just a cervical spine range of motion. We're looking for painful and impingement signs, we're looking for decreased range of motion, now we're gonna assess her first rib and her shoulder function.

Is that tender? Yes. Is that tender? Yeah. So both of Christina's ribs palpated tender and restricted, so we'll address that when we treat her. Let's see you take your arm up and overhead for me. Does that bother your ribs or shoulder blade? No. Okay, bring your hand down for me.

Towson Chiropractor's Shoulder Pain Solution Dr. Blake Kalkstein

Hold that position. Oh we've got some weakness and some pain there. Let's hold that again for us, hold. Okay, a little bit of pain on there, positive face sign.

Hold that here for us. And this side's obviously stronger than the back side, so we're gonna come up over here, across, hold, I'm gonna push down... Alright obvious weakness there. Hold, and it's still weak, but not as weak as the other side.

Alright Christina, we're gonna lie on our stomach, face down for us. So Christina had positive pain on neck flexion with rotation, she had positive pain and palpation restriction in her first ribs bilaterally, she had a weakness in her biceps, tendon, and her infraspinatus, so we're gonna adjust her t-spine, we're gonna find out where she's moving, not moving very well. Relax your arms Christina.

Take a breath in, and out. Lift your head up for me. Beautiful, good, and relax. That's moving better. Go ahead and roll on your back for me okay? This side's the tightest, let's do both. So hand comes here, head turn away, she's gonna take her arm, reach around, grab my opposite shoulder and hold on. Good, take a breath in and let it all the way out. Good, other side.

Good. Hand there, we turn away, reach around and grab my opposite shoulder, hold on, and out. That drop... There you go. Let's just check her neck.

She's restricted right here at C5 on the right hand side, so she's gonna drop that shoulder. Beautiful. C3 on the left, let this loose. Good. And come on up for me, one, two three. Now let's re-check what we examined originally.

Is that tender? No. Is that tender? No. Good, let's see you take your arm up and overhead, and bring it down, hold there. Good, strong. Bring your chin down to your chest, head this side, hold. Is that painful? No. Great. Alright everybody, thanks for watching, and we'll see ya next time.

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