Top 5 Xanax Facts You Need To Know

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Alright without further adue lets get started on our list of the top 5 facts about Xanax that you need to know. Coming in at our number 5 spot--Treatment- Unfortunately Xanax is often abused but its important to note that there are some people who are prescribed Xanax and take it as directed. Its used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. Its helps with short term relief of these symptoms. In at number 4--How it works- This drug is a Benzo-diaz-epine also referred to as a benzo. This is a psychoactive drug whose core chemical structure is the fusion of a benzene ring and a diazepine ring. Once someone takes this drug it increases the neuro-transmitter gamma- amino-butryic acid in the brain and sends a calm sedative state over the body.

Due to your body being in this state you should never combine this drug with other drugs or alcohol. And you should never get behind the wheel of a car while on it. At number 3--How to stop- if your going to try to stop taking this drug its very important that you do it correctly. Since this is a very addictive drug it is not recommended that you abruptly stop taking it if you’ve been a regular user. Even if you’ve only been a user for a short while. If you do take yourself off it too quickly it can lead to harmful side effects such as- anxiety- having trouble sleeping- weakness- irritability- panic attacks- blurred vision- tremors- vomiting – seizures- or even hallucinations.

Its recommended that you talk to your doctor so they can guide in slowly getting off the drug. Coming in at number 2--Grapefruit juice- if you’ve watched our other lists about Xanax then you know ive brotten up grapefruit juice before. Its just so random but a really good fact to know. It turns out Grapefruits and grapefruit juice can affect liver enzymes that are needed to break down Xanax. So when you combine grapefruit and Xanax the amount of alpra-zolam in your system may actually increase and boost those negative side effects- especially dizziness- drowsiness and confusion.

Top 5 Xanax Facts You Need To Know

So its important that if you are taking Xanax you avoid grapefruit juice. And at number 1--Don’t get it online- as obvious as this may sound its really important not to purchase this drug online. Now some of you are probably like well duh…but youd be surprised how many people actually do this. I mean if you’re an addict this is the easiest way to get a hold of it. But there are dangers to purchasing it online or from vendors outside the U.S. If you purchase this drug online you really don’t know what could be in it. It could be laced with some dangerous ingredients. Also the sales and distribution of this drug outside the US does not comply with the regulations of the food and drug administration for the safe use of this medicine.

And there you have it that’s our list about the top 5 Xanax facts you need to know. Thank you so much for watching and ill catch you in the next one.

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Top 5 Xanax Facts You Need To Know

Hey youtube im court mcginley and welcome back to the most amazing top 5. Sit back subscribe and let me entertain you. Before we get started on this list I want to know- What are some…

By: MostAmazingTop5