Top 10 Causes of Bad Breath - Reasons Your Breath Stinks

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TOP 10 Causes of BAD BREATH - Reasons Your Breath Stinks! Bad breath - or Halitosis - is often caused by a buildup of bacteria in the mouth that gives off unpleasant odors or gases that smell like sulfur, or worse. Anyone can get bad breath! Bad breath is actually quite common, and while it can be super embarrassing and even down right depressing, bad breath is usually treatable. Let’s take a look at the 10 most common causes of Halitosis and what you can do about it! Number 1 – Coffee Who doesn’t love a freshly brewed cup of Joe? We already know that coffee stains teeth, but it also causes bad breath! Coffee will dry your mouth out and the more you drink, the worse it gets. Try having just a cup or two a day, and drink a glass of water after each cup - as this will help keep your mouth from becoming too dry. Number 2 – Chewing Gum When we sense that our breath smells bad, we usually reach for a piece of gum thinking that this will solve the problem. However, chewing gum will only mask the smell, rather than treat the cause of the problem.

Many commercial chewing gums contain sugar, which only feed the bacteria that cause the stinky breath we’re trying to get rid of! So make sure to choose sugar free gum instead. Number 3 – Improper Oral Hygiene Not brushing properly, and especially not brushing your tongue, can cause a rather funky smell in your mouth. Food residue, bacteria and dead skin cells build up on the tongue and produce a white coating, which causes the bad odor. So make sure to scrape your tongue daily. And if you have tartar around your teeth, only a proper dental cleaning will eliminate it – so be sure to get regular dental cleanings. Number 4 – Diet We all know that eating certain foods like garlic or onions will leave you with bad breath. But, fasting and “low carb dieting” can also cause bad breath because the body breaks down fat and releases ketones - which cause a fruity acetone-like odor on the breath when you exhale. Also, eating too much protein can be a culprit.

It’s best to have a balanced diet. Number 5 – Cavities, Gum Disease or Infection Not many people look forward to a visit with the dentist, but regular checkups are important. If you don’t go, there may be underlying issues that you are unaware of causing your bad breath. If you have regular checkups and cleaning done, you are less likely to have major issues that could leave you with halitosis. Number 6 – Tonsil Stones Tonsil stones are accumulations of bacteria and debris that get stuck in the crypts of some people’s tonsils. The body's white blood cells proceed to attack the “foreign objects” stuck in the tonsils. When the white blood cells are finished, hard particles remain on the tonsils.

If the particles are lodged into the crypts, they will continue to grow and form into tonsil stones. Proper oral hygiene is a must in order to reduce the accumulation of tonsil stones. Gargling with warm salt water may be helpful to dislodge the stones. You can also use alcohol-free mouthwash or try hydrogen peroxide to gargle. However, if the issue becomes overwhelming, it’s best to consult with a specialist. Number 7 – Medication Certain medications can indirectly cause bad breath by contributing to dry mouth, while other medications break down in the body and release chemicals that can be carried on your breath when exhaling. Number 8 – Diseases Some diseases, including some cancers and conditions such as metabolic disorders, can be the culprit of a distinctive breath odor as a result of the chemicals they produce.

Top 10 Causes of Bad Breath - Reasons Your Breath Stinks

Chemo and radiation therapy can also lead to bad breath by affecting saliva production and causing dry mouth. Due to the reduced saliva, bacteria builds up and releases unpleasant odors, making the breath smell bad. It’s important to get a proper medical diagnosis – especially if you are doing everything right, and still suffer from halitosis. Number 9 – Dentures Good oral hygiene practices apply to dentures, just like natural teeth. Food particles and bacteria, can find a home in the spaces between the dentures and the gum tissue. As bacteria grow and food breaks down, an unpleasant odour will be released. Removing your dentures to clean them after each meal and gently brushing the gums will help eliminate odour-causing bacteria.

Number 10 – Smoking Not only does smoking leave behind the tell-tale ashtray odor, the smoke actually affects the flow of saliva in the mouth, which causes dry mouth. While smoking can contribute to heart disease and a variety of cancers, including oral cancer, the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes can also cause bad breath! Just another reason to kick this nasty habit once and for all! Most people with bad breath are not even aware of their own stink, because the brain becomes acclimated to one’s own scent. But, there are ways to find out! So how do you know if you have halitosis? Start by checking your tongue.

A pink, shiny tongue indicates fresh breath, while a white coated and scaly tongue can indicate bad breath. Despite what you thought, smelling your own breath in cupped hands is not the best way to check. Lick the back of your hand, let it dry for a few seconds, and then give it a good sniff. The easiest way to keep your breath fresh is to brush your teeth and scrape your tongue properly at least twice a day, floss at least once a day, and drink lots of water throughout the day to keep your mouth from becoming too dry. It’s also advised to get a dental cleaning every 6 months. If you found this video informative, hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE for more videos like this one!.

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Top 10 Causes of Bad Breath - Reasons Your Breath Stinks

TOP 10 Causes of BAD BREATH - Reasons Your Breath Stinks! Bad breath - or Halitosis - is often caused by a buildup of bacteria in the mouth that gives off unpleasant odors or gases…

By: Joy Home Remedies