TMJ Pain & Treatment with Cold Laser

By: Alpha Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

We've seen several patients improve with cold laser treatments to their TMJ. The temporomandibular joint is a very unique joint that glides and it hinges. That glide-and-hinge motion allows our jaw to drop, come back up. We have some very strong muscles that cross that joint that develop a huge amount of force into the TMJ.

With stress and strain, just like any other joint in the body, it can become irritated and injured. Small sprains and strains in this joint can cause jaw pain, more of a headache type sensation. They cause sometimes muscles to tense up. This is common of people who have a lot of stress that then start bringing their neck and shoulder up to their ears. They experience increase soreness when that jaw - we start seeing headaches.

Some people don't realize their headaches are coming from their TMJ. We'll treat these conditions in the office with cold laser. The class 4 cold laser does a great job at decreasing the pain, decreasing the inflammation across that joint, and help in getting the muscles to relax. Just like any other joint in the body where we can cause these things to happen, it very quickly improves. We start to see better range of motion, less pain and less limitation in our daily activities.

TMJ Pain & Treatment with Cold Laser

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