Tic Disorder and Memory Problems - Angelique M on Son Carson

Author: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy

(Music) Hi, my name is Angelique, and I've actually brought two kids to Dr. Jaudy, and previously it was a daughter who's 14, and this time around I brought in my 12-year-old son. We've been here for two-and-a-half days. We haven't even finished up day three, and we've seen a ton of progress in him, and with the concerns that we had when we first came in with him was that he had a little bit of an eye tic, so his eyes, mainly his eyebrow area, kind of moved more under stress or being tired, but he had that. ..

An issue with focus, making eye contact for too long with folks, also, following directions the first time around. Sometimes he'd get it and sometimes not, and also just communication, you know, he's a good communicator, but sometimes just the thoughts from his head, getting out through his mouth, wouldn't come out the way he wanted, and so sometimes we just see him not want to meet new people, be in new circumstances, sometimes he'd just want to be by himself a little bit, and I think it would all wear him out as well. He'd be kind of tired with it all, and so, since coming here, Dr. Jaudy, you know, started testing out certain parts of the brain, and walking, you know, being balanced, being able to subtract, out loud, very simple numbers. On the first day, just not possible, and he was very frustrated with it. Well, it's been two and a half days, and he can do this this nose to fingertip touching faster than I've ever seen, incredible progress. He is looking more balanced.

His posture is great, and the subtracting is amazing. He's not frustrated with it anymore. He's quick, and he's just able to... I've even seen him communicate better. I've seen his eyes relax. Even he notices that he doesn't have that twitch in his eyes.

Talking with me and my husband, sister and other people, he's looking at them, and he's actually carrying on a conversation, and this is after two-and-a-half days. Carson is extremely athletic. He plays year round baseball, and he also plays basketball as well, through the season, and we know that through this, he is going to be more balanced, more coordinated, and although we thought he was before, as Dr.

Tic Disorder and Memory Problems - Angelique M on Son Carson

Jaudy explained it, it was as if his brain was compensating for where he wasn't balanced, and now, with the coordination that he's getting, for real, real coordination and real balance, we just see that this is going to increase his overall athletic performance, school performance, and just personal performance as well. Carson's a very good student, you know, he's an A/B student and has to work very hard at his studies, something that, you know, doesn't always come naturally in all of those areas, and one of those areas is math, and you know, like anybody, if you're walking around and trying to subtract a three-digit number, or a single digit from a three digit number, you know that's hard to do, and a lot of times we're just used to doing it on paper, so we can see our work. Well, one of the things he was not able to do the first day was do a simple subtraction, let's say, you know, 100 -7, out loud, while he was walking down the hallway. It was hard for him to see it, to visualize it and do it, and now at two-and-a-half days in, he can take very large numbers, you know, 953 minus 8, and go on down from there, and do it all out loud while he's walking. He would have a hard time, sometimes, just getting his thoughts across, you know. He would... It's almost like his brain, I know parents say this, almost like his brain was working faster than his mouth, and so he'd try to start to say something and although he's been fine communicators, sometimes he would just stop and say, well, never mind, you know, just not able to get out what he's thinking, and again, I think that with the verbal part of this, the, you know, having a hard time focusing and some of these other issues, it would make him tired, you know, I think it taxed his brain, and sometimes he'd just want to be by himself and just watch TV.

Well, before we came in, you know, he had a hard time focusing on the task at hand. I'm sure lots of parents see their kids doing this, just a hard time focusing, you have to tell them several times how to do something, or just to do it, and also, just to carry on a conversation, you know, just remaining engaged, and two-and-a-half days in, he's extremely engaged, able to carry on a conversation. A group of us were sitting in the lobby the other day talking, and he's having no problem speaking to people, staying on task, and we're seeing that pretty much all day for the last couple a days in the office. Carson is a baseball player, and has been playing for the last several years, year-round baseball, and was recently chosen to the top 100 players in the United States for his 12 year age group, which is a great accomplishment. So coming up in about a month or so, we have two more tryouts for him, and if he makes the cuts, then he will be one of the top 12 representing the United States in Taiwan, to play for a gold medal for the United States, so Carson's well on his way, you know, and his goal one day is to become a professional baseball player, and so being with Dr.

Jaudy, and knowing that he not only works with people of all ages, he also works with athletes, and, you know, folks who have all types of different things going on. He's working on making him the very best athlete he can, as well as a person. Hi, my name's Carson. I am a patient at Dr. Jaudy's office. He has helped me a lot through, like, focusing issues and not looking people in the eye, a lot, and the eye tic, it's much better now. And he's helped me a lot. He's fixed my nose.

It was broken this way a little bit, so he's kind of put it back in place. It was better than I thought, because I thought it was going to hurt a lot. He didn't make it hurt, not much. I'm really happy that I get to be one of his patients because he's the best doctor I've been to yet, my whole life. He's helped me with my math because yesterday, the day before, he tested me on subtraction out loud. I couldn't do it, but now, like in yesterday, and now I can just do it, like really fast, and he's helped me with that and being a better student in school. I've noticed that my, like, verbal, the words have been better. Like I'm able to talk to more people, like, more clearly, and I've been more comfortable talking to people than I have before.

Before this, I've been wanting to watch TV and eat a lot. I don't feel like I'm able to watch any movies anymore, like, I don't need to anymore. I've been noticing that that's not good for you, watching TV that much and eating a lot of junk food. And I used to really watch a lot of movies, and be kind of lazy, but now I'm not really. I can just play more sports with my dad, and be more social with people. So what makes Dr.

Jaudy different is other doctors can't really cure a lot of things, because I've gone to a lot of doctors for sinus and cough, and it took awhile, like a long time, and Dr. Jaudy, only a couple days, he could do that same thing but better. Like, the best doctor ever. Yeah, he can do anything, basically.

He can fix anything. (Music).

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