Thyroid - Gut - Epstein Barr

Author: Thyroid Pharmacist Izabella Wentz

- Hey, guys, Doctor Izabella Wentz here. I always wanted to do one of these fun paper things to spread the word about thyroid disease because the reason why I created The Thyroid Secret is because it shouldn't be a secret that you can recover from thyroid disease and that there are things in our environment that trigger thyroid disease, and that once we get rid of our triggers we can recover our health. So, I hope that you share this to your timeline to let the world know that thyroid disease, thyroid symptoms, thyroid disease, these do not have to be permanent. So, we can recover our health, we can prevent thyroid disease, and we can certainly feel better. Really, really, excited that you're here, would love for you to say hello if you're watching, and let me know where you're from. So, Andrea is here.

Hello, nice to see you again. Alexis, how are you doing? It's nice to see you. Amil, let's see here, she mentioned that supplements are more easily absorbable because they're broken down. Let's see here, and she's wondering about eating cereal. So, cereal is one of those things that's a processed food, and I wouldn't recommend necessarily eating it because it can be inflammatory to the body. So, there's various different foods and things that are inflammatory to the body, and cereal is gonna be one of them.

I'm really, really, excited that you're here with me. I hope that you've been watching The Thyroid Secret series. The series has been online starting on March 1st. We've had over 500,000 people sign up to watch the series, and I couldn't be happier.

Today's episode that just came out about two hours, two and a half hours ago, is focused on gut health and chronic infections like Epstein-Barr virus that can trigger thyroid disease. I wanna dive deep into this subject, because it's such an important subject that's often times overlooked, not just by conventional medicine, but even holistic medicine practitioners, functional medicine practitioners, often times do not address these important root causes. So, let's see, who do we have here tonight? We have Jessie from Phoenix. Nice to see you, Jessie. Teri wants to know my opinion on Nature-Throid. Nature-Throid can be very helpful for a lot of people. People usually do better on it than they do on synthetic thyroid hormones that just contain T4. We have Melanie from Ohio.

Thyroid - Gut - Epstein Barr

Hello, Melanie. Christ from Australia, hello. We have Caroline from South Jersey, exciting to see you here. Marilyn wants to know if there is a test for Epstein-Barr virus.

Yes, we're gonna get into that during this Q&A session, and the kind of recap of episode eight of The Thyroid Secret. So, currently we're playing episode eight. If you haven't registered yet, you can register by going to tinyurl.comttse8, and this is written in the description of this Facebook Live episode. So, let's see, Kimberly from Tennessee, hello. Victory says, "Good to see you again." Nice to see you too. Kimberly says, "I have Epstein-Barr virus." Yes, Epstein-Barr virus can be a potential trigger for thyroid disease. This is something that is covered in The Thyroid Secret, in both of my books, Hashimoto's the Root Cause, as well as Hashimoto's Protocol.

So, I've been trying to spread awareness about this infection as well as other infections that you may have in your body. You may not know about these infections because they're chronic low grade infections that are undetectable unless you do some advanced testing. And unfortunately, a lot of these infections, conventional medicine doctors will even say, "Well, you have Epstein-Barr virus, sure you have it, "but there's nothing that can be done about it," and this is not the truth either. So, there are protocols you can utilize to suppress the virus in your body and potentially even, there's one particular expert within the series in episode eight that has had some really great results with, according to the research that she's done with potentially even having it leave the body. So, this is something that's groundbreaking and phenomenal information, and I really hope you check in today's episode if you haven't yet. Deb asks about, "What minerals, there's many talked about.

"I'm confused about what to take first." So, selenium is one of those really great minerals for most people with thyroid disease, and that's where I would start. If you're looking to just take one thing, selenium can be a really, really, big game changer for people. And as you kinda go through, I encourage you to get The Thyroid Secret series, and go through it, and kinda see what resonates for you, and start implementing these changes step by step. Just take one little step in the right direction.

You don't have to do everything at once. Ontario Canada, Shawna said, "Love this episode. "Who knew?" Brook said, "Could you please share "success stories of people who have had candida. "I went into remission." Brook, so we have had success stories of people with various infections. So, we have had candida infections, or I should say overgrowth. We've had people with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, people with H pylori, which is a bacteria that infects the gut typically associated with ulcers, and then people with blastocystis hominis, which is a protozoan parasite that infects the gut. Once we address those infections and irradiated them, what we typically see is that symptoms reduce, we typically see thyroid antibodies reduce, in some cases go away completely, and then we also see in some cases that the person may be able to have a reduction in their TSH, reduction in their need for thyroid hormones, and we've also seen some cases of people who have been able to completely come off of thyroid hormones once we address these chronic infections. The way that infections can trigger thyroid disease is through a mechanism known as molecular mimicry.

So, molecular mimicry is one of the scientific theories for autoimmune disease, and it basically says that if there is an infection, or any toxin, or any substance that the body recognizes as a foreign substance, now this can be an infection, this can be a toxin, this could even be breast implants, so various kinds of dental implants as well, they are recognized by the body as foreign invaders. The immune system at that point launches an attack against this potential threat, and at the same time as it launches an attack against this threat, if there's protein sequences similar looking on the infection, or pathogen, or toxin, or whatnot, similar to the protein structures on the thyroid gland, then both the thyroid gland and the pathogen will be attacked at the same time. And so, this is a case of mistaken identity. So, this is one way that this happens, and this if often times in infections throughout the body, this could be something like Lyme disease, the infection caused by Borrelia bacteria.

This actually has 16 different proteins that look identical to the proteins that are found on the thyroid glands. There's another bacteria known as Yersinia. This one has 19 different proteins that are identical to the thyroid gland that they are on this bacteria.

The other way that infections can trigger thyroid disease is by causing leaky gut or intestinal permeability. Now, these are gonna be things like candida. These are gonna be things like yeast infections, potentially mold within the body, parasites like blastocystis hominis, and the H pylori bacteria. We don't exactly know which particular mechanism they use, but they could be using either of those mechanisms. And now, another way that infections can trigger thyroid disease is by getting into the thyroid gland. So, these are viral infections like the Epstein-Barr virus.

A Polish study found that a significant percentage of people with Grave's and Hashimoto's actually have the active replicating Epstein-Barr virus within their thyroid gland. And when this infection is within the thyroid gland that causes our bodies to try to kill off the infection and whatever home the infection lives in. This is known as the bystander effect and this is basically, again, it's like the immune system's trying to kill the infection, and just happens to blow up the home, which happens to be the thyroid gland and in this case. Now, Epstein-Barr virus infection, for example, is common, so just about all of us have had it. 95% of us have had this infection. Some of the reasons why a person may be more susceptible to having this infection could be genetics. It could be because if we get this at an older age, for example high school or college age, there's a good potential that we're gonna have a bigger problem with it.

Suppressing the Epstein-Barr virus is dependent on vitamin D. When we don't have enough vitamin D in our system that can actually cause the virus to act up. There's also different types of immune cells that decrease with age that fight this type of infection. And so, really, an important thing to do is to, if you're working with a functional medicine practitioner, is to test for these infections. And there's advanced testing that you could do that may be missed by conventional medicine.

The Epstein-Barr virus, that's actually one you can do with your doctor. And you would do the early antigen test, this is a blood test that you would do to see if the Epstein-Barr virus is activated. Now, there are different things we can do to suppress the virus so it is no longer replicating and it is no longer setting off the immune system, and those are gonna be covered in episode eight, and really, all the strategies that we talk about from episode one through nine cover how to support your immune system and support your body. Make it more resilient so that these infections that we have, and these chronic low grade infections that could be triggering thyroid disease, that we can suppress them, and that we can prevent getting new infections. So, this is one of the world's best kept secrets I think about thyroid disease is that infections can trigger it, and so can gut issues.

So, I really hope that you guys are tuning into today's episode, 'cause this is a very, very, important topic. If you're watching, if I could ask you to please share this on your timeline because the gut and Epstein-Barr virus and chronic infection connection between that and the thyroid gland can be life changing. So, we've seen people who have gotten into complete remission once we find out what their infection is and once we irradiate that. And this can be life saving, not just helps with thyroid disease, but prevents having autoimmune disorders later on in life, and prevents even potentially cancers and other kinds of imbalances that can occur in the body.

So, this is something that's gonna be very, very, important to you for you to address. I'm gonna see if you guys could chat in your questions here, I'd love to answer them. Let's see here. Go ahead, and if you could share this to your timeline, and I see the questions are loading here.

Looks like I can't be moving up and down, so if you guys have some questions, if you could go ahead and repeat them, that would be really, really, helpful for me. That way I'll be able to see them. All right, so, Stacy says, "I find gluten free so hard." I know gluten free can be very, very, hard, and it is something that you can get used to, so I know it does take some time, but once you're doing it for a few weeks, actually a few months, usually you can get into the habit of going gluten free. This is gonna be something that becomes second nature, and it just becomes really easy for you to do. Thanks for asking that question. I know many of us have been able to do that without a problem. And I know that it's hard.

All right, so, let me see here. Pamela wants to know, "Mononucleosis, "is that the same thing?" Yes, so mononucleosis is another name for Epstein-Barr virus. Another name is called yuppie fever, and then glandular fever is another thing that it's called in the UK. Now, I know a lot of you guys may have had an instance where you felt really good in your life, and then all of the sudden, maybe you had food poisoning and then you were never quite the same. Or maybe you were on a trip somewhere, and you had a bout of diarrhea, or travelers diarrhea, and you were never quite the same. So, that would be an indication that perhaps your thyroid condition was triggered by a infection of the gut. A lot of times it could be a parasitic infection. We don't think that these are common in our Western world, but they are.

Actually, about 80% of my clients with Hashimoto's who don't get better with just nutrition, have some sort of a gut infection. The other thing to look out for in your health timeline is if you've had a time in your life where you got really sick, and maybe you had a viral infection, and you never quite recovered after that, I know mono can present in college like that, or in early adulthood. You had a sore throat, you were really exhausted, you were kind of out for the kind, and then you never quite got better. That could be a sign that you have a chronic viral infection like Epstein-Barr virus in your body that's triggering your condition. So, this is something that's very, very important to know. Let's see here, questions here. Somebody said, "Share what, this live, or the episode?" If you could share The Thyroid Secret episode, as well as if you could share this life Q&A session for episode eight, that would be greatly appreciated, 'cause that would help us get the word out about The Thyroid Secret. So, if anybody hasn't watched episode eight, I have a link for it here in the description of the episode.

And really, I hope that you guys check out this episode. I believe it's the most important episode in the whole series. Great question, you guys. Thanks for submitting your questions about. Wow, so many great questions. "Is selenium at 200 micrograms safe?" Generally, it's gonna be a really safe dosage, 200 to 400 micrograms, no more than 600 micrograms. That's gonna be safe for most people with thyroid disease, and you don't wanna go higher than that.

If you happen to have an adverse reaction, so you might be more nervous or have anxiety, that would be a sign that you might actually be iodine deficient, because those two nutrients go hand in hand. Let's see here. Miranda says, "Docs say I have an issue "with over fermenting in gut, and now FODMAP diet, "but I find it pretty restrictive, your thoughts." So, the good news about FODMAP diet, it can be very, very, helpful, and it's not something that you need to use long term. I also recommend that you utilize it along with protocols that address small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. I have some of these protocols, they're herbal protocols and medication protocols, you can choose either or, and Hashimoto's Protocol. So, this is my book that's coming out on March 28th, where I've listed out some of the protocols that you can do.

We are giving away this copy of this book to everybody that orders the gold package of The Thyroid Secret. I do have the link for you guys in this episode description here. The thing with the small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, some of the things to keep in mind are things you could do supportively in your home. Drinking mint tea can be very, very, helpful. Mint does suppress some of the SIBO.

And then you also wanna work with somebody that can prescribe herbs or medications for you. Alrighty. Lynn says, "What's a good place to order supplements?" Someone said Pure.

Pure Encapsulations is one of the companies that I've had really, really good results with. So, as a pharmacist I was very skeptical of various types of supplements. Some of them are just not safe. They might contain heavy metals.

Some of them doesn't have what they say they do, and then some of the ingredients might be potentially inflammatory. So, I did a lot of research, and about six years ago I stumbled across Pure Encapsulations, and I started using their products in 2011. These products helped me regain my health. One of them, in particular, Betaine with Pepsin, which we discussed in episode eight today, helped me go from sleeping like 12 hours a night to waking up after seven or eight hours bright eyed and bushy tailed. I do have, if you go to, if you go under Supplements, I share some of the most helpful supplements from Pure Encapsulations on there. You'll be able to find that information on there.

Alexis, let's see here. Heather wants to know, sorry you guys, these comments are going way to fast, and they're disappearing. "Are there side effects to detoxing cilantro?" So, potentially, you wanna look at making sure you're doing things to absorb your detox, so that you're doing plenty of fiber. We discuss that in episode four in the toxins episode. "Iodine makes me wanna pass out "in vitamin form or eating seaweeds.

"Could this be hyperthyroid?" I actually, Matt, I don't recommend iodine or seaweed for people with thyroid disease. So, we discuss this in episode four of The Thyroid Secret. And if you haven't watched episode four, I highly suggest that you go ahead and buy the package of The Thyroid Secret, 'cause we discuss all these things that can be potentially harmful, and one of them is actually iodine. So, high doses of iodine, anything above you would find in a multivitamin can be potentially problematic. And seaweed actually has high doses of iodine in them. Somebody was asking about the rates of Autism in Hashimoto's. So, there's a study that shows 80% increase in Autism in moms who have Hashimoto's antibodies. So, if you're thinking about fertility and pregnancy, I highly encourage you to make sure that you address the root causes of your thyroid condition and try to get those thyroid antibodies down, as well as optimize your thyroid hormones.

Let's see. "Is it true that if somebody has "their thyroid removed that their body "still thinks that they have it?" So, Annalese, here's the thing about getting your thyroid removed. So, once you get your thyroid removed you're no longer gonna be able to produce internal thyroid hormone. Here's another thing. A lot of times people will recommend getting the thyroid removed if you have an overactive thyroid, sometimes if you have nodules, sometimes hypothyroidism, sometimes thyroid cancer. Here's the problem though.

A lot of times, we talked about all these potential triggers that are in our bodies, and a lot of times these triggers could be causing us to attack the thyroid gland. Now, the thyroid gland is probably our most sensitive organ, it concentrates things, and so, it's sort of the canary of the coal mine. For most people, thyroid disease is the first type of immune system imbalance. The thyroid gland kinda lets us know that something is out of balance with our bodies, and a lot of times people will have their thyroid gland removed, and then they'll go on to have additional autoimmune conditions. So, I don't recommend thyroid gland removal for that reason, as I recommend figuring out what's causing your thyroid to be out of balance in the first place, right. Why is your thyroid under attack? Why are there nodules in it? Why are there tumors inside of it? And it usually has to do with some trigger within your body, like a toxin, like an infection, like something within your gut. Let's see here, Lisa says, "Brazil nuts are packed with selenium.

"Would this be a good source, "and if so, how much?" So, Brazil nuts, and I'm a big fan of using food as medicine, but Brazil nuts, we don't really know how much selenium they have in them. And the other thing too, is selenium can be toxic once you get above 800 micrograms. Selenium is the Goldilocks nutrient, and doses of under 200 have not been found to be helpful for thyroid disease, doses above 800 micrograms can be harmful.

So, we wanna be in that sweet spot between 200 micrograms and 400 micrograms for most people. And the best way to do that is with a supplement, and a high quality supplement like the Pure Encapsulation selenium with thiamine, because this kinda gets you into a sweet spot of where you need to be. Now, I wanna make sure that you guys understand that because when you take selenium from Brazil nuts, I don't have anything against it except for you could be underdosing or overdosing yourself and just not making things effective.

In my clients, I have studied them, where we switched them from the Brazil nuts, so they were eating two Brazil nuts a day because somebody said that was a good dose, and you don't really know how much selenium is in a Brazil nut because, you know, it could be four, 500 micrograms, or it could be 20 micrograms, you don't know. And so, people have tested them for antibodies before and after starting selenium, so people who were traditionally eating Brazil nuts, and we saw a big improvement when we put them on supplements that had the measured dose of selenium. So, we saw in an improvement in thyroid antibodies, and we also saw an improvement in symptoms. Darlene wants to know is Standard Process an okay company.

I love Standard Process, they have some great supplements. I use Thytrophin PMG can be very, very, helpful for people with thyroid conditions. I cover it's use in my book, The Root Cause. Some people have found it to be beneficial for them if they cannot tolerate thyroid hormones.

I know if you guys get the gold package we have some of the advanced kind of strategies and the full interviews that you can get. Fabien Hammonds is a thyroid patient and advocate who actually really benefited from using Thytrophin PMG, which is made by Standard Process. Now, I love all of their supplements except for not all of them are certified gluten free, so I'm always cautious with recommending them because some of their supplements actually contain wheat germ, and some of their supplements contain dairy. And I recommend 100% gluten free and dairy free supplements, and a lot of their supplements are, so I know they're moving towards that, but just be weary that with a line like Pure Encapsulations, you can be assured that all the supplements are gonna be gluten free, and the majority of them are also gonna be gluten free and soy free, and same with Designs for Health, except for maybe the probiotics, 'cause those often times are gonna have dairy. But with Standard Process there may be some products that have gluten, so it's always prudent to make sure before you buy any supplement is that you check out the package and make sure that it does say gluten free, and it doesn't have any ingredients like wheat germ, 'cause that could really sabotage your healing if you're trying to go gluten free and you have gluten in your supplements. Even those tiny doses could sabotage your healing. Actually, lactose in some supplements can actually sabotage your healing too. There have been some studies that have found that lactose restriction helped people absorb thyroid hormones, and so making sure that your supplements are free of fillers is gonna be really, really, important.

Rita wants to know how can you purchase the package. So, if you go to the description of this episode, if you go to tinyurl.comttsgold, this will give you a few of the options of the packages that we have available. Actually, I can unbox the package for you. So, let me lift this thing here, it's quite heavy box. I actually just got it in the mail.

For those of you guys that ordered within the initial sneak peek, we're just starting to send out those packages today. And so, the gold package contains these DVDs. These are the DVDs of every single interview that we recorded.

Let me show you here, these beautiful DVDs that we designed. We have a total of 10, you see this, this is kind of backwards, so I'm a little bit awkward waving this around. 10 DVDs here for the series, then we have another set of 10. So this is the second part. And then another six more. And so, this is like every single interview with over 100 experts, my interview's in there, as well as with the 67 patients who have had various levels of success with thyroid disease, some of the complete remission, and they share how they did it and their best practices.

And then The Thyroid Secret package, the gold package also comes with this wonderful DVD set, and this has every single episode that we did, so all nine episodes, over 13 hours of episodes are in here, let me open that up. These are quite beautiful. I'm very proud of how they turned out. You can watch this on your big screen. You can invite friends over and have Thyroid Secret parties. A really great way to share this with your family is by putting it in the big screen. And then we have, the gold package also comes with both, actually, the gold package and the silver packages come with transcript of the entire nine episodes.

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So, this is over 1000 pages long and contains ever single transcript, professionally transcripted, and corrected, so you've got all the supplement names, everybody's names in there, every single person, expert that was interviewed within The Thyroid Secret is gonna be found in this giant, big ol' book here. So, The Thyroid Secret packages, so we have the gold package which is all this amazing transcripts, this is such a great workout for me, and the DVDs. This is the gold package. You could get this as a physical option that's mailed to your hope or as a digital option that you could download. As a special bonus, anybody in the US who buys this will also get a copy of my brand new book, Hashimoto's Protocol, which is coming out on March 28th. I just got word that we might actually run out, but we have enough for people that order The Thyroid Secret gold package. The other thing too is this is available in digital format, where you can just access it online, or you can get the packages shipped to your house.

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I really like the DVDs. I'm very proud of how they came out. They're quite beautiful. You know, you can watch them on your big screen with your family, and get them on board because I think a really important part of healing is making sure that your family is on board. So, you guys are sending me great questions. Thanks for the question about The Thyroid Secret package. One thing I should mention is that we are offering the package at a discount, so 50% discount 'til March 10th at midnight.

So, if do want to get the package, I would encourage you to do so right away. And we also have a 90 day money back guarantee, so that you can see if you like it, and then you can return it if you don't like it if it's not right for you. We're not asking any questions. We're like, "Okay, no problem." I actually think you'll love it, and the information's gonna be life saving, and our team did such a fabulous job of laying it all out so it's easy to use, and the experts didn't hold back, none of the patients held back, I didn't hold back. So, we've got fantastic resource for you that I think will really help you on your journey, and it's something that you can reference time and time again as you go on so that you can take over your health.

And you're also welcome to share it with your friends and family when it no longer is online for free, 'cause we're only having this online for the next, wow, two days. Time flies when you're having fun. So, let's see here. Questions, "Can candida," Alexis wants to know, "cause really low ferritin levels?" Potentially.

Another thing is gonna be SIBO. Elijah wants to know, "Soy is the devil "to my body, even organic soy." Elijah, absolutely. I found about up to 80% of people with thyroid disease are gonna have problems with soy.

And so, the key is not to eat processed foods, that makes life a lot easier. And some of the symptoms we see are gonna be in anxiety and increase in thyroid antibodies, so you're very wise to stay off of soy. Let's see here. Melissa wants to know, "Am I still able to watch it," so we have episode eight that's airing right now. Jenny says, "I still have Epstein-Barr virus. "From the episode it sounded like "you can remove it from your body using supplements. "Is that correct?" So, Jenny, I know from personal experience, and I know from various kind of healthcare professionals that you can, and studies and research studies, that you can suppress it's replication.

So, that's what's in the research right now, and we have proof of that. There's also some research that suggests you can irradiate it with your body with pharmaceutical products. You have to take them for a really, really, long time. And then one of the nutritionists within our series, The Thyroid Secret, Teri Cochrane, she has piloted a brand new protocol that she has found helps to remove it from the body. Now, this is brand new information. There's not studies that show that it does that yet.

I have seen quite a few of her success stories, and we're sharing them in episode 9. So, this is something that's innovative and really exciting that can potentially either remove it or suppress it to the point where it's no longer acting up. And again, I know that there's research that shows various intervention, so everything that I share in my book, Hashimoto's Protocol and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is something that I've personally tested with research or I have references to medical journals. Some of the stuff in The Thyroid Secret is actually cutting edge. So, for example, Teri's protocols are cutting edge, and we actually don't have that published in the medical journals yet. But just clinically, and from my observations, it's creating amazing things where she's able to help people with mystery illnesses actually recover. She wasn't part of my initial line up for The Thyroid Secret, but I actually met her at a conference when I was speaking on Hashimoto's, and we were discussing Epstein-Barr virus where I was sharing some of the protocols to suppress it, and at that point she was still looking for an answer.

And I saw her about six months later, and she said, "Hey, I found this answer. "I'm doing some really innovative stuff." So, I was really, really, excited to share her work and innovation with episode eight. So, I hope that you guys check that out, 'cause you know, the stuff that I'm sharing in The Thyroid Secret, and in Hashimoto's Protocol, this is all cutting edge information that's not in research, that's not in doctor's offices yet. This is something that I'm really, really, excited to be getting this information out there because I really wanna change the way that thyroid disorders are treated. Today I went to my PO Box, and I was really excited to discover I got a whole bunch of letters from you guys that have watched The Thyroid Secret. It was really, really, touching to me.

I wasn't expecting anything like this. I have one beautiful butterfly letter here. And this lovely person said, "Thank you "so much for getting The Thyroid Secret to me." Her name is Marie Antoinette. So, thank you so much for being so thoughtful and writing me this little note. And I have another note here from Angie who says, "Thank you so much for The Thyroid Secret." And Angie's a doctor, and she says, "So many of my clients have been "raving about the documentary, "and this is gonna improve so many lives." So, thanks so much to hear that.

I'm really pleased I got a tree dedicated to me, and if you guys couldn't tell by my books, I love trees, and I love getting to the root cause. So, this is from Linda. And I also got a letter from somebody who was really, really, excited to watch the thyroid documentary series, and she was asking about, "Why don't "more doctors know about this?" And so, part of the mission of The Thyroid Secret is to get this information out there, 'cause you guys, this is cutting edge information. A lot of doctors do not know about this, and the ones that do know, they're still, there's a high demand to see them, so they're not gonna be cheap. And so, The Thyroid Secret is meant to empower you, because a lot of these strategies you can do on your own.

Of course, you may not be able to prescribe yourself thyroid hormone medications, not would I want you to because that would be dangerous. You always wanna have prescription from a doctor, but you also, through The Thyroid Secret, you can implement things in your own life and through Hashimoto's Protocol that reduce your dependency on the medical system and to help educate you. So, for example, food sensitivities, this is something that you have 100% control of is choosing what foods you eat or not eat, and this is crucial to your recovery and how you feel.

And same with getting plenty of rest and addressing your adrenal stress. So, a lot of these strategies within The Thyroid Secret and my book, Hashimoto's Protocol which is available through the gold package, you guys can really, really, take charge of your own health and reduce your need for having fancy doctors other than, of course, we wanna do the things that doctors are supposed to do, like prescribe thyroid hormones, 'cause you never wanna do that on your own. So, let's see here. Elijah says, "We got the premium silver package." So excited for you. I think you're gonna find it really, really, beneficial on your journey. Lillian says, "Any way we can just "buy the giant wonderful book." Yes, the giant wonderful thyroid encyclopedia, so that's available through The Thyroid Secret package through the gold package as an option. We have a digital and a physical version of it, and whenever you buy either the digital or the physical version of the gold package, you also get my entire book called the Hashimoto's Protocol. We don't have any thoughts about putting it out on it's own at this time, but thank you for that suggestion.

Just as a heads up, it takes a lot of hands and a lot of money, and a lot of resources and time to put together these packages, so this is something that my husband and I, and our team, and designers, and videographers, and editors, and project managers, and type people, and printers have been working on creating for you for the last six months. So, this is definitely a huge community project, and I really appreciate everybody's support who chooses to won The Thyroid Secret and chooses to support our mission. Part of what we're doing too, is we're also giving back, so we're also giving a dollar for every package that's sold to support Down's Syndrome Diagnoses Network. So, children and individuals with Down's Syndrome often times have thyroid disorders, and they're ignored by their doctors in many cases because, well, if you have Down's Syndrome you're supposed to be sluggish, you're supposed to be tired, you're supposed to be overweight. So, we decided this was a very worthy cause, and I'm very excited to support them in spreading awareness about all of the options that are available for people with Down's Syndrome and their families. So, let's see, I wanna get some of your questions here.

I feel like, it's exciting to be here. I'm so excited to be at day eight of The Thyroid Secret, and I feel like episode eight is where we pulled back all the curtains and just really gave you the solid information. Throughout The Thyroid Secret I was trying to introduce you guys to all of the concepts behind why we develop thyroid disease and give you insight in some of the triggers, and reversibility. And I feel like episode eight, these are the best kept secrets too. Lonnie wants to know, "Can Hashimoto's "cause you to pass out?" Actually, it can.

Fainting is actually one of the signs of it. Not many people know this. Jennifer wants to know, "Does PCOS effect your thyroid." So, it can. People with PCOS can have higher rates of thyroid disease and Hashimoto's. The common link seems to be estrogen dominance. We do cover that in The Thyroid Secret, and Magdalena Wszelaki, who is one of the experts, you can get her full interview on estrogen dominance and some of the protocols she recommends for that.

So, she recommends things like cruciferous vegetables and broccoli to help get rid of, and sprouts to help get rid of extra estrogen. Teri says, "Thank you for The Thyroid Secret." Oh, thank you, it's my pleasure. It's been an honor.

Helping people with thyroid disease has really become my life's work and my mission after I got sick myself, and I was exhausted for 10 years, and fatigued, and really couldn't do anything with my life, and now I'm an author, a New York Times best selling author and documentary producer, and full time dedicated to helping people recover their health. When I was in my 20s on my couch too tired to do anything, I never thought any of this would be possible. And the reason why I do this is because I wanna see you guys to feel better, and follow your dreams, and do whatever it is you're capable of. I'll tell you, fatigue was my biggest symptom, and I felt like I was this ambitious person stuck in a lazy person's body, right.

And a lot of times people will say that. They feel like they're in a quicksand, that they feel like they're in a brain fog, or they feel like they're wearing a bodysuit that's not their true selves. And I really feel like getting to recover from thyroid disease helps you find your true self and helps you be the person that you really wanna be in the world because once you shed the weight, once you shed the fatigue, you shed the anxiety, amazing things happen.

It's like your true self has been there all along, and you can actually do the things you want in your life. And whether that's having children, or whether that's writing a book, or going horseback riding, or becoming great bridge player, I've had so many fabulous stories from my clients and my readers, and I'm excited for you guys watching the thyroid series because I know that this is gonna have a ripple effect down the line with over 500,000 of you guys watching I know that we're gonna see some amazing, amazing, success stories coming out of this. In my training in public health, I was tried by the US government on how to spread change and innovation which is sort of what I'm trying to do with The Thyroid Secret, if you haven't noticed, and with my books, and my website, and everything else, is changed the way that thyroid disorders are treated, and it starts with patient demand. So, all of you guys here, all of you guys commenting, all of you guys choosing to own The Thyroid Secret Series, this is gonna help us create practitioner programs, practitioner training. This is gonna help me get this message out to mainstream media, to get this in magazines. The more you share this message, the more likely The Today Show, or The View, or another show like that will be interested in this life altering healing message. And you know what, when we change these trends, we start seeing that the medical model changes too.

And recently, just yesterday, I got a message from the American Thyroid Association in my email, and I got the chills. It was the very first message of this sort, and it was asking patients what they thought of their treatments, and if they were satisfied with their thyroid treatments. I have never seen this in my last 15 years as a healthcare professional of this kind of interest from conventional medicine, from the medical establishment. I've been contacted by pharmaceutical companies who are saying now pharmaceutical companies are more interested in the patient experience. So, I really appreciate you guys being here, commenting, sharing this on your timeline, supporting our mission to get this out into the world, because together we're gonna create this change.

We're gonna make sure that thyroid disorders are treated differently. It's gonna start with you taking charge of your own health, requesting better care, and you know what, going back to your endocrinologist, going back to your doctor and saying, "Hey doc, guess what? "I went gluten free, and I don't "have thyroid antibodies anymore. "What do you think of that," right. Imagine if a thousand of us showed up at our doctor's offices with these same results.

They would have to listen. Things are gonna start changing. So, any hoo, that was my little soapbox here.

Really, if you guys can't tell, I'm really, really, excited to be here. Let's see, Rachel says, "Can you talk about low iron. "I've been tested for H Pylori "and parasites and don't have them. "My ferritin is at six." So, one of the things you may wanna look at is your stomach acid. If you're not getting enough stomach acid that could be a potential reason why your ferritin is low. I also recommend doing specific testing like the GI map or the 401h to determine if you have infections that are more accurate than some of the traditional testing. Another thing that can suppress ferritin levels could actually be toxicity.

So, mercury as well as copper, and some other toxins, can compete with iron in the body. Iron is a heavy metal by definition, right. And so, copper and mercury, these are all metals. And so, this is an important thing to keep in mind, that you may wanna get test for that.

We talk more about that in episode four. Maria says that, "I understand you correctly, "Epstein-Barr virus is the same mononucleosis." Exactly Maria, and nice to see you here again. Epstein-Barr virus is the virus that causes mono or mononucleosis, or glandular fever in the rest of the English speaking world. And this is something that can be found within our thyroid glands that can trigger thyroid disease, especially when it's actively replicating. There are protocols that can suppress the replication of this pathogen and can help people reuse their thyroid antibodies. So, we have Doctor Shiroko Sokitch, Doctor Nikolas Hedberg, and then Teri Chochrane, as well as Doctor Jay Davidson, talk about some of the protocols for these stealth pathogens like Lyme disease and Epstein-Barr virus that can cause our own body to attack itself.

Let's see here. Sandy says, "Hi," from Colorado. Hello, Sandy. Let's see here. Her granddaughter was tested and her TSH is 2.08. Her doctor doesn't want to do the thyroid antibodies, so should I insist that they do one? Absolutely. So, the thyroid antibodies can be elevated for 10 years before we see a change in TSH. And when you have elevated antibodies, you're gonna have symptoms, you're gonna be suffering.

So, I highly encourage that you get these antibody tests because that can prevent damage to your thyroid gland. That can prevent symptoms. That can prevent thyroid disease from manifesting and progressing. And ideally, I would love for everybody to discover that they had thyroid disease in the early stages when their TSH is still at around a two, or a three, or maybe a four, or even a one. Because at that point we know that there's not a lot of damage to the thyroid gland, and in that case it's easier to prevent having to take thyroid hormones for life. We know that we can regenerate thyroid tissue, but it happens at it's own pace, and it doesn't always happen in everybody. There are some protocols that I discussed in episode three that can help regenerate thyroid tissue like low level laser therapy. But these are about 50% of people who utilize them can ween off of thyroid hormones.

But the other half do see a reduction in the need for thyroid hormones, but it's not cheap, right, and it's not available everywhere just yet. It should be, I hope that it is, and I'm doing everything in my power to make it available to you guys worldwide. I even thought about starting a medical device company to have lasers specifically for the thyroid gland to get this out to you guys. Of course, I don't have a billion dollars.

But this is something that can be very, very, helpful for you. But of course, preventing the damage is gonna be much, much, easier. Christi, "Thanks so much for helping Susan out "and letting her know that a lot "of this helps with Grave's disease." Jessica says, "Thanks so much for The Thyroid Secret." I appreciate that. "I'm literally using the information "in this documentary on a daily basis with my patients. "It's amazing. "I all ready pre ordered Hashimoto's Protocol. "I can't wait." Thank you so much for the feedback Jessica. I really, really, appreciate it.

And Jessica, thank you for being a practitioner in the know. So, I know that this series has reached not just patients, but practitioners that are utilizing this information to further their knowledge, and further their education, and educate their patients as well, so that we could all get on the same page and we could all start using these innovative therapies. Let's see here. "What do you say about detoxing?" One of the helpful things that can support detoxing is gonna be cruciferous vegetables and supporting your liver with things like milk thistle. That can be very, very, helpful, and turmeric. These are generally the safest places to start for most people. Jennifer says, "World changing, so inspiring." Thank you so much for that, I appreciate that.

Jill says, "Do we stay on Synthroid?" You know, Jill, if it's working for you, then all the more power to you. Not everybody feels they're best, and at that point natural desiccated thyroid hormones may be indicated. Addition of T3 may be indicated, or doing a compound T4, T3 medication may be indicated.

Now, you'd wanna find a practitioner that knows how to prescribe these medications. You don't wanna work with a doctor that has never prescribed them. You don't wanna be their first guinea pig. Trust me on this. And so, one of the ways to do this is to find your local compounding pharmacy and see if they have a list of practitioners for you. And that's gonna be a great start for you.

And I also keep a practitioner list on If you guys go to and /gift you can subscribe for the practitioner list there, or for my email list and we could send you the practitioner list. "I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's "10 years ago and found great improvements "with recent treatment Lyme and autoimmune diet." Julia, thanks so much for sharing that. You know, you guys, this stuff does work, right.

"My tests no longer show antibodies "but my thyroid levels are still off. "Does that mean my thyroid has been totally ineffective? "What does that mean for recovery?" So, thanks, Julia, so much for sharing your story. So, one of the key things, this is the steps for recovering from thyroid disease. One is get your thyroid hormones optimized because every cell in your body depends on thyroid hormones, right.

So, you wanna get that dialed in with natural desiccated thyroid, synthetic thyroid, T3, Levothyroxine, Synthroid, whatever it is that might work best for you. Cold laser therapy can also help with this as well. Some of the Thytrophin PMG can be helpful for some people. So, you get that. Get your thyroid hormones optimized so you don't have a lot of these thyroid symptoms. The other thing, the step two, very, very, important, please don't skip this step, is figure out what's causing your thyroid condition and address the triggers.

So, for you it was Lyme disease and nutrition. Get rid of that infection, get rid of your food sensitivities, and then, at that point, you'll no longer be attacking your thyroid gland. So, that's known as remission. Now, the third step is, basically, if your thyroid gland has been under attack for five, 10, 15, 20, 30 years, that may mean a significant portion of it is damaged, so you may still need to be on thyroid hormones. And you may need to be on them for long term. If you've had a complete thyroidectomy, or your entire thyroid gland removed, you're gonna need to be on them forever, and it's key for you to optimize them. You may need to use a combination of T4 with natural desiccated thyroid, or compounded T4, T3, you know, it varies. We have some advanced protocols in the gold package that share some of these protocols.

Doctor Sara Zielsdorf talks about this for thyroidectomy patients. And if you haven't had a complete thyroidectomy, there is hope that your thyroid tissue can regenerate, it kind of seems to do it at it's own pace, but there are protocols that can be helpful for that. So, we discuss low level laser therapy in episode three that can be life changing. And I also have some additional protocols in Hashimoto's Protocol as well that can be helpful for that. So, getting your adrenals in balance, making sure that you don't have any types of traumatic stress in your life. That can be very, very, helpful because that may put your body in kind of a fight or flight state, where your constantly breaking itself down, and what you want is to have your body in a rest, digest, and heal state. So, some of it is gonna be rebalancing your stress response too to accelerate some of that healing.

So, I hope that helps, and I do thank you for sharing that you've all ready had success. So, it sounds like you're all ready finished step two, and now for you it's step three. And maybe step one, maybe optimizing your thyroid hormones. And be patient with yourself, be patient with your body. For every year that you've had this damage on your thyroid gland, it's gonna take some time for your body to regenerate, and there are things we could to do accelerate it too.

And even if you do need to be on thyroid hormones long term, don't consider that as a failure. I think we need to use every tool in the tool box that's out there to help ourselves so we could live our best lives, right. Denise said, "I'm taking my children "to test for antibodies tomorrow myself "since my doctor won't do it. "I ordered them myself." Denise, congratulations to you. I really appreciate how you're taking charge and you're taking action. There are lab companies that will allow you to run your own tests.

So excited about this. One of them is Ulta Labs, and one of the cool things about this company is, in some cases, and it depends on your insurance, but they're able to submit it to insurance. I have a link to Ulta labs under and resources. If have a bunch of good resources for you guys on some things you can do for testing yourself.

And I also, this brings up prizes. I am doing a contest for people that support our mission. And I've some asked some fabulous, fabulous, companies, and authors, and experts to provide some resources for you guys. For anybody that chooses to own The Thyroid Secret, whether the silver or the gold package, we have this opportunity to win some prizes because it's fun and helps us support you guys. Some of the prizes for today, some of the prizes we're gonna have coming up, so whenever you order the series you could enter in every single day that we give out prizes, and some of the prizes we're gonna have are gonna be self order test options, and I'm gonna be announcing those soon. For today's prizes, you can enter in as many times, every day you could enter in for the prizes. So, you don't have to keep purchasing the package, so you could've gotten it a month ago, or yesterday, and today, and you could still submit tomorrow and the day after, whenever we give away prizes. So, five signed copies of my New York Times Best Selling book, Hashimoto's the Root Cause.

You guys, this was like a surprise best seller. I put this book out there just to help people because I was sick, and I wasn't getting better, and I started guinea pigging myself, and I started getting better. And my mom said, "Honey, you need to get "this information out there. "You need to write it up. "And we need to get a book out there." My mom's a doctor from Poland. She said, "I'm gonna translate it into Polish, "and we're gonna help your cousin's." And I'm proud to say that as off two years ago, last summer, my cousin's are now gluten free as well.

And so, they've seen a reduction in their thyroid antibodies, and improvement in symptoms across the board thanks to this book that is available on Amazon, of course. And it's also gonna be given away five copies, signed by me personally, and it's also been translated into Polish, German, let's see here. A whole bunch of different countries have been reaching out to get it translated. So, Spanish version is coming up, Bulgarian version is coming out, and we just got the Romanian version in.

So, that's gonna be one of the prizes. And of course, a reminder, my upcoming book that's gonna be coming out on March 28th is gonna be given away in the gold package, two full scholarships to my Hashimoto's self Management course that teaches you what you need to do to take back your health on your own and kinda reduce your dependency on the healthcare system. I first learned about self management courses when I was working in public health. And there's one for diabetes that's been clinically tested and proven to improve patient's outcomes when they work with their practitioners, and reduce their dependency on the healthcare system. And so, I created one modeled after this for Hashimoto's specifically. An an amazing, amazing, book by Dana Trentini and Mary Shomon, two fabulous thyroid advocates, Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease.

I am so grateful that they wrote this book. I highly recommend it for anybody with a thyroid condition that's thinking about getting pregnant. And then, five copies of Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth from Doctor Jolene Brighten.

So, she was in yesterday's episode. Jolene specializes in helping patients, women, take back their health after childbirth, so postpartum thyroid issues. And then, five programs of The Hormone Revolution Detox from Doctor Jolene Brighten, so estrogen dominance, any kind of hormone problems you might have caused by birth control pills, or pregnancy, this is the program that could help you with that. So, these are the fun prizes we're giving away. Oh, and then five copies of Doctor Tom O'Bryan's autoimmune book as well. So, we have 23 prizes over $23,000, and you can win these prizes if you submit your receipt through a link that you got this morning. Let's see, you guys.

Vicki says, "I can not afford it today, but next month. "Is that possible?" So, just so you know, we have the offer that's gonna be 50% off, it's gonna be extended until March 10th, and then after that, the package wills till be available, but then they'll be at a higher cost because we are able to get a bulk discount during this time, but after that, our costs go up for running the tech system, and the tech team as well as for the printer of these heavy things, right. Kiona says, "Talk about adrenal fatigue "and how to heal the adrenals." So, one of the best ways is to get plenty of sleep, so if you can go on a spa month where you sleep for 10 to 12 hours for a week, two weeks, a weekend, whatever it is, that's gonna be a really great fast way to heal the adrenals. Another thing I recommend is the ABCs, adrenal adaptogens, B vitamins, and then vitamin C. That can be very helpful in getting your adrenals in balance. I do have more strategies in Hashimoto's Protocol, and then episode six, we covered that, how to heal the adrenals. Blood sugar balance is gonna be key to that.

Julia says, "So helpful, thank you so much." I'm so glad to hear that. Mary says, "My naturopath saw you in New York. "I watched you online when she was there. "She has Hashimoto's and older than me at 64." Thanks for sharing that. Kasey said, "Today I bought milk thistle, "selenium, and thiamine." Action taker award, that's amazing.

Mary Lou says, "Can I get Hashimoto's Protocol "in bookstores or online?" So, it's gonna be coming out on March 28th, and it will be available in bookstores then, and then it's on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel, and sold online. It is something that we're recommending for pre order, and you could get that through the gold package because our publisher mentioned that we may run out and not print enough copies. We're trying to get them to print enough copies, but this is something that we're trying to make sure they have an accurate estimate for that because we don't control the printing. So, if you get it through The Thyroid Secret gold package, we'll be able to make sure we reserve your copy 'cause then we'll be able to give them those numbers in time to get it printed. I don't exactly know how long it takes, but I think it's about two to three weeks to get books printed through a publisher. I wish it was immediate. Mary Lou says, "I'll probably get the silver package." Great, so that's a really, really, great package. You know, you could get that less than around $5 an episode, and this is gonna be life changing.

Susan says, "I love that you're wanting to help everyone. "Thank you." Oh, thanks so much for saying that. You know, this really is my life's mission, is to help as many people as I can with thyroid disease because, I don't know, it just kind of like gets me angry and worked up that I was sick for so long, and it's not like I wasn't trying. I was exercising, I was eating whole wheat, and low fat dairy, I was a pharmacist, I was a health care professional, and I was angry that I wasn't taught any of this in school. And I was suffering, I had carpal tunnel in both arms, I wore these ridiculous arm braces. I was losing my hair, having panic attacks, horrible menstrual cramps, my life was a mess, and I was falling apart in my 20s.

You know, now I feel fit and calm and relaxed. I used to have trouble sleeping. Now I don't have any problems with that. I can wake up, I can do things I like, I have clarity of mind, and I want the same for you guys. I consider myself a bit of a rebel now, and starting a revolution together with all of you guys. Whenever I watch traditional media, it's frustrating for me because I see all these messages and all these things that are marketed to people that don't work. And all these strategies that I'm sharing with guys, and my books, and The Thyroid Secret, I learned in pharmacy school, unfortunately, that most of them didn't work.

I was told that natural desiccated thyroid hormones did not work very well. I was told that most supplements were harmful, and that's just not the case. Magnesium, for example, is one supplement that, I was talking about this today, that can completely eliminate menstrual cramps for women. And I had menstrual cramps from age 16 until just a few years ago when I figured this out.

I had to stay home from work, I couldn't go to class when I had menstrual cramps. So, the first two days of my period I was in so much pain, and I had to take all of this Advil and all these other things, and I had clients and patients who had horrible menstrual cramps, and you could just take magnesium for that. And there's anxiety, you could take selenium. And thyroid disease can be reversed. It's like holy cow. So anyway, thanks for saying that you got me started.

Jennifer wants know what's laser therapy. So, low level laser therapy is something that can be done over the thyroid gland that could help reduce thyroid antibodies, reduce the damage to the thyroid gland, help regenerate thyroid tissue, lower your dosage of thyroid hormones, and in some cases, if your thyroid is enlarged, it could help normalize it. If your thyroid is shrunken, they also see normalization on that. This has been done in Brazil. So, it's being done right now in endocrinology clinics in Brazil, but it's not being done in the US. So, I wanna get this message out, and we're doing what we can.

So, I've just been talking to a lot of doctors, and I'm convincing some of them to actually carry that in their office. So, I hope that you guys see it more often. In the meantime, you wanna work with somebody that knows what they're doing, again, and this is gonna be low level laser therapy. Kia says, "I'd like to have your books in Swedish." Oh, thanks so much for saying that. And Nicole says, "Translate in French." So, if you guys could get in touch with the publisher, and then they can get in touch with my book agents, and then they can get the process going. So, the more interest we have in those countries, the more we can make it happen.

So, I know I've been getting a lot of message from various countries, and it's really, really, exciting to see that there's a need for this information. Susanna, "Is it possible to get in Australia?" So, Susanna, we're shipping the entire gold package to Australia, so you can get that physical, and you could get a digital version of it as well right away, 'cause shipping to Australia is gonna take us a little bit longer than it will to, you know, Illinois where our shipping center is located. And you can get the Hashimoto's books, they are available in Australia, Amazon as well, you can pre order that.

People wanna know how do you get the scholarship, and how do you submit for the prizes. So, we sent an email out this morning where you can submit your information to win the prizes where you would submit your name, your email, your receipt number, as well as which prize you're hoping for. We'll be picking out prizes later on tonight and giving them away tomorrow morning. Let me see here. If you can check your email, and go back to the email that was sent out this morning, this will have access to that.

Carla says, "Can swollen tongue go away?" Yes, it can. Jennifer says, "Thank you for all you do." You're so welcome, it's my life's work, and it's a pleasure. It means a lot that you're saying it too, 'cause between me and all of you guys watching, it has been a bit of a trying experience for me

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