Thomas Describes AIS Workshops for Massage Therapists

By: Kambeitz Chiropractic

Hello everybody, my name is Thomas J DuBois and I am an orthopedic massage therapist, active isolated stretching practitioner and instructor. I have been in the massage world at this point for just under a decade now. I first became interested in massage while studying abroad in North India.

After that when I returned to the US I enrolled in massage school while still continuing my other studies. Since then massage has really become my passion. Not only massage but orthopedic massage. Really finding out what is wrong with a person and finding the best possible techniques to make the most therapeutic change in that person. The active isolated stretching technique is the technique I came across about five years ago while I was teaching at the Hudson Valley School of Massage Therapy in West Park New York. It really is one of the most effective techniques that I have come across at this point and I use it to treat the whole spectrum of my clients at this point. It really has become the cornerstone of my practice.

I was attending a seminar in Cambridge Massachusetts with Dr Ben Benjamin when I first became introduced to it. And really after the first day of the class I was amazed at how I had my muscles feeling. They not only felt more flexible but it felt like I was more in tune with my muscles. Well that is because I actually was.

So when I returned to my practice I started using this technique as quick as I could and the results were great. What I really found was that my orthopedic and my injury, and my chronic pain clients were actually getting better faster and in a decreased amount of time. I also found that my athletic clients were having better performance. They found that they were able to actually explode into motions faster and that they were having quicker firing speed with their nervous system. So really the work works across all sorts of clientele. It works with your injury clients, your chronic plain clients, with your athletes, and actually is helping to work in ways that I never would have thought I could with neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, post-polio syndrome, cerebral palsy, and conditions such as that. We do have two seminars coming up at our location here in Centennial Colorado.

Thomas Describes AIS Workshops for Massage Therapists

One for the lower body in October, and one for the upper body in November. If you want to find more information about those classes you can find that on the email that you are watching this video on right now, you can also go to our website, which there is also a link on the email there. Anyway I hope to meet all of you soon and I hope to see a lot of you at the upcoming seminars.

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