This Man Said Goodbye To Diabetes Without Using Medicine. He Consumed Only…!

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OUR WEBSITE : THIS MAN SAID GOODBYE TO DIABETES WITHOUT USING MEDICINE. HE CONSUMED ONLY…! I love writing for this site because we run across so many success stories of people who use natural health methods to cure and relieve various disea Why this is important is because this is a much safer way to go than using expensive pharmaceuticals. Don’t get me wrong, there can be a time and place for meds, but our philosophy is to try natural methods first to avoid undesirable side-effects and keep a healthier body. Meds tend to make us sicker, tax our internal organs, only address the symptoms.

A Story of Success This is a true story about a man who was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes four years ago. There was no other solution but to take pills for the blood pressure and insulin. He managed to fight this disease just by eating raw vegetables and fruit. It was a surprise to him when he found out that he has diabetes, about four years ago. He was thirsty all the time and he went to consult a doctor about this issue. The doctor checked his blood sugar level and it was 29. So the doctor advised him to take insulin, as his only solution because his pancreas was not working anymore. So he had to face with his diabetes.

Unwillingly he had to accept his condition and take insulin on a regular basis and also he was physically active. But later, other medical problems also appeared. His blood pressure increased to 150/100 and the levels of triglyceride were 16, he had to take much more pills… Then one night changed his whole life while he was watching a show on TV ‘’The Edge of Science’’. Dr.

John Zirdum was a guest at this show and he talked about how he had lived only on raw foods for 12 years. It was on New Year’s Eve of 2013 when this man thought that it was about time for him to turn a new page as he had enough illnesses. After watching the show he was thinking about what Dr. Zirdum said about raw food and came to a decision to try it out himself. After he purchased a blender and with that his new life began. During the next week, he managed to overcome all of his desires about food.

This Man Said Goodbye To Diabetes Without Using Medicine. He Consumed Only…!

He successfully achieved the first result in no time. The level of blood sugar decreased to 5. It was unbelievable. So he stopped taking insulin, because he did not need it anymore, and with this type of diet, the blood sugar will not increase.

In case the levels increased he will go back to taking insulin. But fortunately, he did not have to do that ever again. And he started to lose weight quickly after that. He was losing a kilo every day.

He lost 11 kg in just 25 days. After four months on this diet with raw fruit and vegetable, he changed into a totally different man than before. Now he does not take insulin, he weighs 20 kg less, the level of triglycerides is 1.4, and his blood pressure is 120/70. What’s more important he does not take a single pill.

Juice Recipe for Diabetes Ingredients: 5 organic kiwis 2 organic apples 2 organic bananas 1 cup organic spinach ½ liter organic coconut water Simply mix everything together well and drink! Don't Forget To Follow Us On Other Social Media : INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST: Subscribe our channel for more!.

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