Things That Are Hard With Tourettes Syndrome [CC]

Author: TourettesWithPets

Hello you guys! I'm Emily here on TourettesWithPets, and I have Tourette Syndrome. Today I just wanted to do a small video on, well, probably not that small, but a video on the bad side of Tourettes. So I'm going to, I have a little list of stuff to do on here. So I'll get to it. Okay, so most things I can do, it's just hindered a bit.

So I can do most things, but it's just hindered or I distract other people in the room when it needs to be very quiet. So driving is a big thing. A lot of the times I can't drive, sometimes I can. Due to medication. But most of the time I'm being pulled off of meds and on meds and things are just getting changed up so, that's usually what happens.

Writing sometimes is hard because I'll drag my pen or pencil across stuff or I'll just wham my arm out. I'm left handed so I'll swing my arm out or something while holding a pen and that's not good. I have 504 testing, which if you don't know what that means it's accommodations for testing in public school. So basically I just get to be in a small groups for testing with other people who have issues like my own. Another thing is stress makes Tourettes worse so I'm worse at managing stress if I even get a little bit of stress it's going to affect me. So stress just affects me more.

Sometimes I get bruises from doing this or like doing that or just like hitting things with my hand or kicking things. Sleep trouble is another thing that I have trouble with a lot times I get tic attacks at night. Recently they've been a little shorter, but that's probably going to change soon because I got taken off of my medication. So I'll probably be getting more of those. I've been having really small ones for the past few days, but so far so good.

Things That Are Hard With Tourettes Syndrome [CC]

Reading can be a hard thing to do because you're looking at something and you have to look so most of the times I get audiobooks so that if I turn my head away, I still know I can catch up. So I don't have to stop and restart every time that I do something. Drawing blood. Once I had to get my blood drawn for testing which they always want to do when you're on medication. So that's important. But at the time I had really bad control over my Tourettes.

I could not, like I couldn't even hold it for like a minute. So I now have some relaxation techniques that I can do if I really need to hold in a tic for like a minute or two. So now drawing blood isn't a problem, but once I had to have my mom and a nurse hold me down while they drew blood. Like hold my arm down on the table so that it wouldn't swing out. But yeah, other than that I can't think of anything that I'm too hindered by. I'm pretty much expected to do as any girl my age is expected to do. So I'm pretty normal other than that. I hope you guys liked this video, if you did, leave a like, and if you want to see more content, go ahead and subscribe.

And I'll see you guys in the next video. Bye!.

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