The Problem with "Can Tests" and a Better Alternative

By: Physiotutors

In this Video, I'm going to tell you why the full and empty Can tests are unspecific and how you can better test the supraspinatus. Hi and welcome back to PhysioTutors. Most probably everyone of us learnt the Empty and Full Can Test as special tests for the supraspinatus muscle. However an Emg study done by Boettcher at all in the year 2009 has shown that the Empty Can and the Full Can Test, both activate 9 respectively 8 other muscles around the shouldercomplex to the same degree. It is impossible to completely Isolate the cuff from other shoulder muscles but we have to find positions that reduce the other muscles activity better. Another Study by Boettcher et al in the same year has shown that external rotation in The 0 position is better at reducing Deltoid activity, but we are going to show you an even better position now. Having your patient in prone position, allows them to relax the Deltoids and Traps and activate the Supraspinatus and Infraspinatus even more. Abduct the shoulder to 90 degrees and flex The elbow to 90 degrees and then apply resistance at the wrist.

This also means that it is impossible to isolate the Supraspinatus from the Infraspinatus muscle. All Right I hope this video was an Eye-Opener for you and you give it a thumbs up. Feel free to take these ideas to class or the practice to discuss them with your teachers or your colleagues and before you leave don't forget to hit the subscribe button and check us out on various social media. This was Kai from Physiotutors. I'll see you next time. Bye.

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