The Prevalence of Urinary Incontinence in Women, and The #1 Doctor Recommended Treatment


Many women do suffer from weak pelvic muscles it's a very prevalent issue. In fact over 21 million American women are thought to suffer from some form of incontinence. It's really important to know that the average woman waits eight years before she tells anybody about her leaking. And it's even more interesting to know that women who leak a little bit like that don't even consider themselves incontinent, they often think that people that are incontinent have to wear a Depends or a diaper, and if they're just wearing a little panty liner, for a little insurance protection against a few drops, they don't consider themselves incontinent.

Mild urinary leaking can really affect women in the age group - in fact there's been studies that show 20-year-old elite athletes: 38 percent of them leak some amount of urine. Women after childbearing, after vaginal deliveries - maybe they had some damage to the pelvic floor muscles during the delivery or even just from the weight of the pregnancy. And then as we age and become menopausal, with hormonal changes, we can experience more issues with leaking and mild sagging of those organs.

Some women think "oh well. This is just a normal part of life and I just have to deal with it" or they think surgery is the only way to treat it and they're afraid of that, so they just deal with it. So it's really important to reach these women and let them know there are early interventions to prevent leaking before they go on suffering year after year with leaking a few drops, because this can become a real quality of life issue for them. Kegel exercises really are the number one prescribed doctor recommended treatment because mild urinary incontinence and prolapse are treatable and resolvable, and Kegels are our first line of defense for that. There there's negligible risk, they're easy to do and there's no side effects.

The Prevalence of Urinary Incontinence in Women, and The #1 Doctor Recommended Treatment

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