The Center for Breast Care at UI Health

By: UI Health

When I first found out that I had breast cancer, I was horrified. I felt numb. I felt lost. In the US, about one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. Early detection makes an overwhelming difference in survival rates, and UI Health can ensure regular mammogram screenings that allow for early detection and peace of mind.

Breast cancer screening is very important and we understand that this can be a very stressful experience for patients, especially those who have a family history of breast cancer. Here at UI Health, we want to make this process as stress-free as possible and we offer same day or next day appointments at two locations. UI Health not only provides immediate and easy access to screenings but they also have a comprehensive Breast Care team on site to coordinate care and guide patients to their treatment process. One of the things we do I think very well at UI Health is work together. Since there is a dedicated area to see the breast patients, we are able to talk to each other on a regular basis so that there are no surprises and everybody on the team knows what's happening at all times. The patient navigator and comprehensive Breast Care team walked me through each step and they always made me feel very comfortable. They were very honest, very straightforward they use words that I can understand and I felt comfortable that I was going to get the care that I needed to get. One of the most important parts is helping them navigate the maze of information that's out there but, it really comes down to not just the medical care, but it's treating each person as a person.

Early screening is key. Early screening saves lives. Today I feel blessed.

I feel wonderful to be cancer free. The UI Health staff supported me through this journey and I can't thank them enough for that. Contact UI Health for a mammogram with convenient scheduling and fast results. Visit to learn more.

The Center for Breast Care at UI Health

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