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- Okay, so how you doing guys? So we have Zlanta over here. So, she's complaining about right elbow pain on the outside, neck pain when she looks downwards, okay. Some pain in the midback over here and also low back pain.

What in addition to, some numbness, show that right foot of yours. So point to it, where do you, are you having that, so numbness. Right at that spot right over there. Okay, and in addition to, she also shares with us she's been trying to get pregnant and she has a lot of difficulty doing so. So we're gonna take a look and see what's going on, to find out where all these potential problems are.

So first, we're gonna start off with instrumentation. We're gonna look for, is there any heat difference going on? And there's a small little reading over there. And there it is. At that level. There it is. We're at the second dorsal level. And I believe we saw something around the mid dorsals.

Yes, it's very, very subtle. So it looks like it's possible chronic nerves. So we're gonna taka a look. Yes, it's right there. Right at that level. We're gonna check for if there's any swelling or edema or muscle tightness. Already can tell this spot right over here is swollen. Trace it down, we got one right here, just over here too.

Tennis Elbow / Lateral Epicondylitis / Elbow pain - Specific Chiropractic NYC using Gonstead

This is more chronic, so that's why the swelling is not as evident. So we're gonna mark it at that level right there. So we can see all the puffiness surrounding it and yet, it sinks in right over here. So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna do motion palpation and we're gonna check for normal, okay, all the structures should move freely. Abnormal, is gonna be stuck in a particular direction.

So first thing first, we're gonna check how is the foundation? How is this pelvis? Okay. The left hip is moving freely, left and right. Back and forth without a problem. Okay, now we're gonna check the sacrum itself.

Okay, it seems to be stuck. Doesn't seem to be moving too well in this direction. See how much it moves on the right side. - [Zlanta] Better. - Better right. - [Zlanta] Ah ha. - Feel how much it doesn't move too much on the left side? - [Zlanta] Doesn't move much.

- So, since this foundation bone is not moving too well, on top of that we see the swelling all over here. It should be nice and smooth from here progression but no, bump, bump, and you have more swelling pooling on the bottom so you've got some problems and already an indication that this is a potential problem, we're gonna take a closer look on the X-rays so. So we can feel right now all these bones are very, very stiff okay.

Now they should be normal, they should have motion there. But because the foundation's compromised, you've lost a lot of that springing action. Just like a shock absorber, you should be springing. Okay, just as figured, it's stuck right here. - [Zlanta] Oh ow. - Yeah, right. - [Zlanta] Ah huh. (laughing) - Yeah, right there.

Number two. So what we're going to do is we're gonna check her elbow okay. So she's complaining about a lot of pain. Go ahead and point for me, where do you feel pain? Okay, where we can see there's quite a bit of, a bit of, yeah, looks like almost a bruise right over here. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna do a nice stress test over here. So normal if it's stable it should not have any extra give to it. Abnormal, there we see some a little give to it.

So when we test it, nice and stable on the outside over here that is, okay. No problems. When we challenge it on this side, here's quite a bit of give and you can also feel it, do you have pain a little bit? - Yes. - Oh okay. The other thing, we're also going to check the wrist. Okay, see how it moves. It does move up and down without a problem.

Ulnar bone, let me check, moves up and down without a problem. We're checking the scaphoid. Okay, we're checking the wrist bones. Okay, not a problem. Go ahead, shake my hands, squeeze really hard. No squeeze hard. - It's painful.

- I understand that. Squeeze hard. Squeeze hard. Good. So we've confirmed, right now the problem is definitely here. So what you have right here okay, is posterior lateral ulnar misalignment. Over here. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna set this bone right back in its place.

Okay. But before we do that, okay, we need to clear this. Because you have a structural abnormality right here in the second dorsal okay. In essence what happen was it's just like a traffic jam over here. It reduces the nerve flow to this elbow, this also help explain why you're explaining about numbness and tingling on these two fingers over here okay. So we're going to correct this over here. Relieving the tension over here frees some more nerves to get a flowing to this elbow and to these final two fingers over here okay.

So we have to correct this first before we set this. Okay. - Okay. - In this X-ray structural analysis there is one major structural abnormality that cause a domino effect for the entire spine.

And that is the sacrum itself. So normal, I want to see the sacrum angle at this point over here. Instead, we see the sacrum knocked backwards a bit at this angle. In addition to, the sacrum over here. I want to see it in this normal position. However, it is rotated quite a bit towards the right and every single structure above it is also rotated towards the right. All the way to the very top of the skull.

Now, in the Gonstead system, all these rotations you see over here. This is what we call compensations. Now if it is left uncorrected for a prolonged period of time, of the major one that started it all off, eventually some of these compensations may turn into a structural abnormality. In other words, we also call it compensations that turn into subluxations. So yes, although we do need to correct her second dorsal and the sixth dorsal to help alleviate her neck pain and her elbow problems. In addition to her, the ring finger and the pinky finger.

None of that will stay corrected and stable until we correct the one major problem that caused the entire domino effect, the sacrum. God help us I'll say us a quick prayer that's all. Lord give us wisdom, give part of your infinite wisdom. Knowledge, peace, and love Give your blessings, allow this healing to happen. Okay. Right there, just relax your shoulder - Oh! It's okay. - Oh, oh my God. (neck cracking) O hoy! Wow.

- Ah ha. - I like it. - Okay, next thing I want you to do, look down.

Any pain with that? - No. - How do you like that. (laughing) Okay, so now. Go on, let's take a look at your elbow.

- Oh yeah, this is, oh my goodness. - Oh, alright, how is this? - Hmmm. - How is it right now, The pain level? - Better. - Better right? How about that? I haven't even adjusted your elbow yet. Right, but you still have some, see that. This elbow is still misaligned. Okay. Just let it go, just relax We just got to set this one up.

- Oh no. - Move your elbow around and see how you like it now. - Ah oh. - How is it. - Pain in here, because its not-- - Ah, I understand that, how's this.

- This is definitely better. But pain here. - Okay. - But this is okay I think. - That's okay.

That's okay. - Wow. - How's these two fingers over here? - This, good. - Is it numbing? Is there any numbness there? - No. No. - Gone now, got feeling. - Ha hum. Better.

- You like it. - Yeah I like it. - Okay.

Squeeze my hand. Tight. Good. Tight. - Better. - Much better right. No pain.

- Pain when I do like this. Pain, but not so bad. - Okay, just, right now okay, all the muscles here because we corrected this okay, is trying to readapt what's going on over here.

- Yes, ha hum. - Give it some time. It takes about two or three days for the muscle spasm to calm down alright. Everything looks good.

A little reading right there. Much better from the previous. Alright Zlanta. How are you loving it? - I like it.

- Tell the video. - Everything is perfect, I love it, thank you so much doctor. - Thank you. (laughing) - Thank you.

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